Monday, April 5, 2010

Sex Ploytation Part 40

Part 40

Here is a sub chapter called "The Female To Do List"

Stop denying that you are whores.

Quit thinking with your vaginas. Learn that the world does not revolve around the crack
between your legs. Refuse to rely on Pussy Power to scam drinks, meals, gifts, and
vacations from men. Unless your intention is to honestly trade sex for money, when you
go out on a date, bring your own funds and pay your own way.

4'The existing titles are remarkably anti-male, underscoring the abuse men have to suffer at the hands of
women: Men Who Can't Love, Female Sexual Slavery, 101 Lies Men Tell To Women, How To Meet Men
As Smart As You, Coping With The Male Ego In The Workplace, and the like.

Begin to regard sex as the natural, pleasurable act that it is supposed to be. Quit using it
as a bargaining chip in your devious game of male abuse.
Refuse to judge men only by the level of their income. There are plenty of nice,
"average" men out there who will be able to adore you for the person you really are, if
you can rid yourself of your mask of deceit.

Be honest with yourself. If you are going to sell your body, then do so with integrity.
There is nothing wrong with a good-looking woman prostituting herself to a wealthy man,
as long as she doesn't deceive either herself or her partner-that is, as long as she realizes
it's a business deal and she intends to keep her side of the bargain.

Stop blaming men for your problems and your failures. Learn to depend on yourself, not

Learn that men are not your enemies, but your allies, as long as you treat them fairly and
with respect. Men naturally love women.

Realize that men are not mind readers. If you want communication, then communicatedon't
cry or pout or scream and expect your partner to divine your thoughts telepathically
(and brand him as insensitive when he can't). If you have a problem, discuss it.
Stop mentally abusing men. Don't willingly crush their egos and don't flaunt your bodies,
then kick the poor suckers in the balls when they come too close. If you don't want the
bull to charge, don't wave the red flag.

Learn to be givers, not takers. Stop acting like arrogant, selfish babies.

A cultural backlash is coming, gathering strength, like the suboceanic current which
surges up into a tidal wave. A new "masculinism" in emerging, expressing itself in such
groups as the Promise Keepers, the National Coalition of Free Men, the Men's Media
Network, the Men's Defense Organization, and Internet Sites (Menweb, Backlash.Com),
all evidence of the burgeoning frustration among American men, who are sick and tired
of feminism's broad brush which condemns them all as sex fiends, "deadbeat dads", and
insensitive morons. Fed up with the typical dishonest whore's gimmee-gimmee attitude,
some men are staging wallet burnings to protest the female abuse of their roles as
"success objects". Men are fed up with female greed, with dishonest prostitution. They
are at the breaking point because women simply don't know when to stop. The feminist
manifesto has pushed too far: "political correctness" wears mightily thin when little boys
are nailed to pink crosses for innocently kissing female classmates; "first wives", bitter
because their sexual commodity is old and worn out, take revenge on their ex-husbands
(whose wealth they seduced when they were young and pretty) because they have been
dumped for younger whores; a female judge instructs a young woman (who was
appearing in court for "misusing" a credit card) to sit provocatively at a bus stop in a
short skirt, because "men are easy" and will give her money (and if that fails she should
position herself at a medical school to pick up a young doctor). And the media keep
churning out books and articles and movies-of-the-week which portray women as angelic
victims and men as depraved scum.

So-called "feminists" thrive on stories of the "tragic" women who have slaved to put their
boyfriends or husbands through medical or law school, only to be dumped once the
education is complete. What cruel, heartless, callous bastards men are! But such
scenarios conveniently ignore the history of the female gender, which has been living off
male industry for centuries. These hypocritical "equal righters" don't blink an eye when a
man finances a woman's education. No allusion is made to the sole selection of men who
are pursuing fast-track careers, and so by abetting their husbands' eventual success, these
women are making a predatory investment in their personal futures. The "first wives" are
too rapacious and self-absorbed to understand that if only they had acted as nice people,
perhaps their husbands would have had no reason to get rid of them in the first place.
They would have actually enjoyed their company.

Women will always want more and more and more, but now men are no longer willing to
give it to them for doing nothing. In relationships, men are now demanding equal pay,
and are wising up that they shouldn't have to shell out hard-earned dollars for female

Women, because of your greed, the wizard is coming back for the last time, and he's not
just going to change your mansion back into a hovel, he's going to raze it to its