Sunday, June 9, 2013

Risk Assessment Analysis is NOT Hate

In the past week, I have read crazy stuff that Men Who Go Their Own Way are bitter, can’t get laid, hate women etc. All which is bullshit! Each man going his own way did a cost benefit analysis and individually came to the conclusion that the benefits going your own way are significantly better than not going your own way.

When I get falsely accused of hating someone and when I think of the word hate, I think it means wishing to commit an act of violence or hoping an act of violence gets committed against someone. This simply is NOT true. I strongly condemn the use of violence against anyone and do NOT wish violence against anyone. At the same time when doing a cost benefit analysis and pointing out the significant costs or drawbacks of NOT going your own way, doesn’t make me or anyone else who goes their own way a hateful person.

When I or someone else discusses drawbacks of say dating, we point to the significant risks. These risks can consist of lying about being on the pill, poking holes in condoms, inserting semen from discarded condoms and thus getting pregnant. The average cost of raising a child is around $250K and according to the book Taken into Custody, the Mother gets full custody of the child 84% of the time. On top of this you can get falsely accused of date rape, simply by having a couple drinks together before having sex “was drunk/intoxicated” therefore unable to give consent or changed her mind after sex in order to attempt to cover up for herself. Also another risk is would be a psycho lady who could be verbally/physically abusive or threaten/accuse one of a false domestic abuse charge. On top of this one may end up spending tons of money on dating jumping through countless number of hoops and endless drama.

When a man individually does a risk assessment and decides the costs/risks of dating far outweigh the benefits of dating, this doesn’t make a man a hateful person. All it means is he decided his life is better off by bailing out of the dating scene.

Of course when we discuss the drawbacks of dating single moms, it’s NOT out of hate but in self preservation.

When men individually decide to boycott the institution of marriage it’s not out of hate but because the costs outweigh the benefits.

These men understand that the divorce rates are at least 50% with 70% of the divorces are initiated by women.

These men understand women can make false domestic abuse claims against decent husbands in order to gain an upper hand in divorce settlements, a decent husband can have his kids ripped away from him at any given moment, wives can commit adultery and are not accountable for their actions, decent men having to pay child support (some cases on inputted income), alimony, have ex-wives brainwash the kids to hate their dads through no fault of their own. Also most divorced men lose their home while still getting make the mortgage payments while at the same time trying to pay rent for a small apartment.

What about the other 50% of the marriages that don’t end divorce? How many of them are truly happy?

How many of those 50% of the marriages are like this?

The terms are bail out an ex carousel cock rider who only has at best 10% of her sexual currency value left while the other 20% of the guys got to enjoy the other 90% of her sexual currency value at bargain rates. In terms of marriage, she can get fat eating bon bons all day on the couch watching TV, can nag you to no end, won’t cook, won’t clean the house or do laundry, give you a big honey do list in terms of household chores, can freely tell you how fail to measure up compared to the other guys she got to have fun with in the past, cut off the sex supply, freely spend your hard earn money away and have little or no money and free time for hobbies. Are you then going to divorce her, well she gets half the assets, alimony, half the 401K, if children are involved get to pay child support (possibly on imputed income), if children are involved lose the home while still getting make the mortgage payments while at the same time trying to pay rent for a small apartment.

So many of the husbands end up hanging on by a thread or two because the cost of divorce is extremely expensive and would lose access to their kids, in order to be able have a meaningful relationship with their kids will put up with tons of shit that they would normally NOT tolerate.

In my opinion there are only a very small percentage of marriages that could truly be happy.

When many men individually read marriage horror stories, they will do a cost benefit analysis of marriage. If the costs far outweigh the benefits, then many men won’t engage in that activity. In simple economic terms if a product or lifestyle costs a ton and gives very little back, the logical thing to do is find substitute products or an alternative life style which lowers the cost and gives more back in terms of quality of life. This is NOT hate but common sense.

When men individually go their own way they come to this realization.

By removing themselves from the dating and marriage market all together, means these guys will only have to financially support themselves and no one else. This means not having to work longer hours or a more stressful job should they choose. Now these guys will have more free time and money on their hands to engage in hobbies they enjoy doing. Of course this means less stress, no nagging wife no fear of divorce etc.

As women get older their attractiveness goes down, as men get older, their sexual hormone levels decrease as well. These guys’ sex drives become more manageable when they get into their 30’s as opposed to when they were 20. Should the sex drive still be there, rampant internet porn is free, virtual sex technology should get better as the years goes on. What if these guys want to enjoy a sexual experience, there are plenty college age escort babes these guys could sample for $200-300 an hour which is a bargain compared to what married and divorced men have to pay for a rapidly aging wife/ex wife. As these guys get more income, they will be perfectly capable of taking themselves on overseas sex vacations should they decide to do so.

When men individually go their own way and compare the results of their risk assessment analysis with other like minded men who go their own way, we could see more patterns, and confirm our risk assessment analysis is consistent with other men’s analysis that went their own way.

Going your way can be logical, better quality life, best option on the table or out of self preservation.

One thing I do know is if men go their way because of their risk assessment analysis they performed it’s NOT because of hate.