Saturday, June 15, 2013

Shot Down In Flames

Lone Trooper from the MGTOW Forums started a thread and wrote a very good writing called Women Don't Owe Men Sex. I liked it so much that I copied and paste it here so this great writing will get more views.

Allot of guys who are friend zoned think women owe them sex because they are nice to them. And doing them a favors helping them in all kinds of ways.
Women say they don’t owe you sex just because you are nice or because you do them a favors.

So just because

You are nice to them
Fix their computers, cars
Spend your time with them
Let them cry on your shoulder, comfort them
Drive them in middle of night to a club because
they are drunk
Help to paint their house
Give them flowers with champagne at birthdays

Women are correct, they don’t owe you shit. Fuck you!

9 out of 10 times, men want to be surrounded by females they want to have sex with. There are exceptions it’s ME. For me it’s 10 out of 10. If I’m not sexually attracted to women I’m not interested in spending time with them.

Bjut njot all mjen are like thaaat . Um yeah right gay men what else um……. damned I ran out of ideas!

So if women don’t owe you shit, why the hell you owe THEM something? You don’t owe women ANYTHING!

Stop being nice for no reason
Don’t do any favors for them like fixing computers or car, let them call a specialist and pay in $$$ for their services
Don’t be their free drivers, let them use taxi
Don’t comfort them when they feel lonely and hurt, it’s not your job

And lastly If you want to be friends with benefits with somebody, say that up front if they don’t agree leave.

Of course real men do as they want to do I’m nobody to tell you what you should do. Do as you wish!

But I must say if you choose path of an asshole, I will thank you because it will make me feel all warm and happy inside!

Because you are making this world a better place by choosing to be an asshole!