Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dealing With the Topic of MGTOW at Work

Thread at Happy Bachelors Forum

I write

I think it would be nice if the more experienced members can shed light to our newer members and our guest readers how to deal with topics such as MGTOW and why you are not married at the workplace and college universities.

First you have to realize that both the workplace and the universities are usually dictated by feminist politics and you will most likely be in a very political environment.

First I’m going to give advice on things you should NEVER do

One never gives your true reasons for not committing
Never try to rescue a co-worker. I know many of you would love to save a co-worker, but you have ask yourself at what expense.

If the co-worker gets offended he may report you (or a female employee over hears your conversation) to the feminist (Human) resource department. If this happens you may lose your job and get blackballed for future employment. It’s not worth putting your financial future at risk in the hopes of saving someone.

NEVER view sites deemed controversial by Feminist (Human) Resources at the work place. You should view MGTOW sites only at your home computer NEVER at a workplace computer.

What should you do when facing the question why you aren’t married?

All though the best answer in theory would be most American Women are Gold Digging Whores and the Family Court System Financially Rapes men, giving this answer will get you fired from work and blackballed from future employment.

What would be a good politically correct answer to this question?
If at one point you were unemployed for long period of time here would a good answer.
You tell that person what a traumatic experience it was being unemployed and that you are worried about how you would be able to financially support a wife or kids in the event if you ever lose your job.

Another one may be you just haven’t found the right one etc.

The goal is not to debate these topics but to end these conversations as fast as possible because you do not want to commit politically incorrect blunders at the workplace which will cost you your job or future employment.

When at work or school your #1 priority is to stay out of the line of fire. Would it be nice to help more men out, the answer is of course yes. Is it worth getting in the line of fire where you may be risking your career and financial future, I think not.

Nemo writes

Don't discuss anything at work that is related to politics, religion, or anything controversial.

Don't even talk to any women unless there is a clear business reason to do so. Ignore the others completely - be minimally polite to them, but no more.

Just work, don't talk.

Supreme 2010 writes

its really none of their f--king business anyway!!!!!!

coworkers are on a Need-2-Know basis regarding your personal business - and basically, THEY DON'T NEED TO KNOW SHIT - period!!!!!

Shameless writes

I simply reply "I'm happy with my life the way it is now" and leave it at that.

Dsc writes

“I simply reply "I'm happy with my life the way it is now" and leave it at that”

. Great response.

Short, simple and positive.

In a way it also says a lot while saying very little..

Longshot39 writes

I chose the "work the night shift, so the only time I deal with women are as customers on the phone" route. It's been working well so far.

Arcangel911 writes

In my area of work, I dare not voice my MGTOW views....... it would be bad. Occasionally, I either find someone I can talk to about them and or a "convert". But in general, better what they don't know.

Spocksdisciple writes

MGTOW is a less well known stance than MRA, whereas the MRA movement has been gaining more exposure the last few years, MGTOW is still relatively unknown as a lifestyle choice.
However the two are related and can be confused for each other, MRA is slated to be targeted for "demolition" when the femnazis can get their pet politicians to declare it a "threat". MGTOW isn't on the radar(yet) and we need it to remain that way.

I personally never voice my views in public about my choice to be a bachelor. If they don't hear you say it, they can't prove a thing.
The workplace these days is dangerous for men, it's like duty patrol in Afghanistan, you never know when someone's set up that roadside IED with your name on it.
Women already are becoming aware of the lack of available men but still don't know the reasons for it. If they did, they would be even more incensed.
Make no mistake, the MGTOW life is a direct threat to the lifestyle of women, if all the suckers dried up these women would go on the warpath in order to cut off any available choices for men to expat, inpat or simply ghost.
Also corporate manginas will stab you in the back the first chance they get if they have something on you. Mangina is an appropriate term and they should be treated as untrustworthy as women are in the workplace.