Sunday, April 11, 2010

Divorce Industry Corruption Part 1


If there is just a 1% chance of you or one of your buddies getting married in the United States, this is the book to buy.
I have never read a scarier horror story in my life.
Even Scarier is 1 million men each year are getting victimized by the corrupt divorce industry each year.

Here are some reviews from Amazon.

Joe Tenaglia wrote

"7 years ago I was a happy loving father with 2 daughters a nice house and a good job. Now after 7 years of living hell, I am broke, lost my house, children, real estate, life's savings and 70% of my income. I have been accused of being a threat to myself and others arrested, banned from my house, taken against my will to a psychiatric hospital, and denied access to my children. What have I done, I married a woman who knew how to use the divorce system. Taken into Custody is the first real expose of the greatest injustice in our society. Guilty until proven innocent, insulted, threatened, falsely imprisoned, impoverished I suffered alone and confused. How can this be happening? It can and does happen. The war against fathers is real. Thank you Dr Baskerville, for the truth. We can't let this go on, I don't worry about myself anymore, I worry about my children."