Friday, April 9, 2010

Superbad's Marriage All for the Nookie Part 10

Marriage = Conditional Love

i broke up with one gal and moved 850 miles away. against other's advice she did not date, saved over a year, and followed. she learned Greek cuisine/customs and was an ideal gf. i dated her a decade. we saw marriage as conditional love. it's "i love you and might continue the charade as long as you sign away your future". there are women of quality out there. but quality, to me, is living without any future stipulations.

Marriage = Control

marriage, divorce, and prostitution laws are laws against sexuality. preposterous? think how women and government play on this pearl. Wilhelm Reich stated: "sexual suppression has the function of making man amenable to authority, just as the castration of stallions and bulls has the function of producing willing daft animals." the elite do not care about women's rights. laws were passed by a few men to control other men. marriage is a future trap... because governments intend on slowly ramping up laws until they crush men.

know what women and the devil have in common?
they both wish to force men to receive a mark on their right hand.