Friday, November 1, 2013

A letter about someone I once knew

I know I may sound like a broken record after my last couple of entries but I was reading the MGTOW Forums today and in the Anecdotals section, I found a kick ass letter that MGTOW Member Merlin Wrote

It's called A letter about someone I once knew and I had to paste it over here because I know people who read my blog will love to read this letter!

With No Further Introduction, here is Merlin's Kick Ass Letter!

I wanted to date you. I wanted to be around you and thought you were the reason for life. I was a young man just entering into the world of dating. You strung me along. You wanted to be friends. I was the nice guy, that man that every girl says she wants.

I watched you as you dated thugs and losers. I was there for you when you cried when they broke up with you. You asked me to be your boyfriend but as soon as I said yes you backed down and said, “Maybe in a little while after I get over this breakup.” I waited. I waited because I thought people meant what they said. I waited until I moved out of that neighborhood. Then I almost forgot about you.

You would come to mind from time to time and I would see the image of beauty that would always make me catch my breath. I would remember for a short time how much I thought I loved you. I did what you asked. I did anything I could for you. Each and every time you turned me away but kept me close enough to run too.

Later, when I was older, I got dates with women. I knew that I was good looking enough to attract women and have relationships with them. Many would treat me as you did but I blew them off as not worth my time. I never forgot you.

Many years later you showed up at my door. I don’t know how you found me but I could see that life had been hard on you. You were still beautiful in my eyes and I let you in. We talked about being kids and about the crush I had on you. You spoke of your life and the two children you have. You told me of the fathers that were not there for your two daughters. You told me of your days of being addicted to drugs. As you told me more and more of your life I found that I cared less and less for you.

I remembered that innocent teenager I would have sacrificed my life for. I remembered how I felt about you and that even the slightest hint that you cared about me would have garnered you my devotion for life. I had known that at that time you were a pearl of great price for which I would have sold all that I had to obtain.

Unfortunately for you I had been through a divorce that had stripped away the illusions that I once had. I realized you spent so much time finding me because I was your last resort. You still did not want me for me but for yourself.

When I told you I had to get back to work you asked me when we would see each other again and I told you, “I don’t know.” You seemed shocked. You even said, “But I thought you loved me.” I just gave you a sad smile and told you I had loved you. You caught the past tense, gave me a kiss on the cheek and left after a few more pleasantries.

You had not only used me but you and others like you had used me up. A man cannot feel those emotions with no return and keep feeling them. That capacity burns out. Reality and the truth get in the way. I don’t feel sorry for you and I don’t love you anymore. I feel sorry for that young girl that threw her life away. You are not her. You haven’t been for a very long time.

The most shocking thing is how I felt when you left. I felt no love and no hate. I didn’t even feel mild annoyance. I felt indifferent. I had complete and utter indifference to your fate. It may even surprise you if you ever see this that it is not even written for you. It is written as a warning to the other men and as a response to, “Where have all the good men gone?” The answer is we have been here all the time but by the time you get back to us you and your kind have used up all the good and all we have left is indifference.