Saturday, April 10, 2010

If you can make it to 30 unscathed, you will be home free

Thread at Happy Bachelors Forum


Once a man hits his 30's, he has crossed the finish line and defeated the Matriarchy in my opinion, and only by a conscientious choice does he choose to become a matriarchal drone worker (via marriage in the Anglosphere) or not - but he cannot blame anything but his own choice once he is in his 30's - hormones cannot be blamed, naive love or infatuation cannot be blamed, brainwashing by the Matriarchy cannot be blamed, etc.

His choice only is to blame if he returns to his own vomit, to speak in the biblical sense.

I see this very clear now that I am in my 30's, as many older single men have told me, and as our guest connaisseur has pointed out with his terminology of the fog of testosterone subsiding.

Having heeded the voices of those much older than me, that were single, successful, and lived grand lives, to stay the course of bachelorhood and focus on my goals in life, I clearly see the fruition of such a lifestyle.

A small glimpse of the finish banner in my latter 20's, the emergence of the finish line and waiting crowd ready to cheer when I turned 30, and now the finish line being crossed with the cheering crowd as I move into my 30's.

Victory is sweet.