Monday, May 20, 2013

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

In the Outcast Superstar Archives, I archived an entry Called Dealing With the Topic of MGTOW at Work, Also in my archives, I archived an entry by Marky Mark called How To Handle The "Why Aren't You Married" Question at Work

A New Member from Happy Bachelors Forum wrote a great piece in the MGTOW section called "Rules for MGTOWs in the Work Place", and at the bottom I pasted a reply that a veteran poster posted!

Hi All,

I have been reading the posts on this forum for a while now and I notice that most MGTOWs have become/or on the path to become financially independent. However, young bucks like me still have to work for others while we are on the path to financial escape(from debt) before independence kicks in. So, I tried some of the below strategies and seems to work very well for now...

1) Get a combover hairstyle: This is a good weapon you can use to ward off parasitic females while giving off the professional vibe which will help you score points come promotion time. I used to have a nice spiked up hairstyle and within a week after I changed it, the female attention from the hoe-bag husband trapping bitches dropped so hard, just like that..

2) Get everything on the record: By this, I mean that you have to make sure anything and everything you do has to be mentioned in an email which you can fall back on if things go south. I work in an office, where there are a lot of deadlines and the environment is a bit high-pressured and people give verbal instructions which they retract on if it backfires (esp. the crazy supervisor/manager bitches). So, keep everything on paper and you can use it to your advantage as well, come bonus time as evidence of achievement.

3) Keep the classic wardrobe: Man, this is a big one. I dont mean that you have to go and buy expensive suits, but when you simplify your work clothing to mostly white shirts, grey suits and polo tees on casual fridays and you dont change from this, women dont notice you much and they think you are a conservative and not to their liking. If its a bit oversized, all the more better (as only the guys who try to impress women wear clothing which looks good but uncomfortable as fuck, you know)...

4) DONT socialize: This is a big big NO NO. Even if it is with guys, trust me on this one. Most guys who socialize and get the attention of everybody in the office are MANGINAS. They talk about how they love women, how they like hitting the clubs and about all the girls in the office when they are with you..etc. And they turn around and say the same sphiel to other people and the girls as well. Since MGTOW is not mainstream, any mention of not wanting to get married is met with a lotta criticism, which you dont want to get associated with your professional image. You do your WORK, get out and LIVE YOUR LIFE.

5) Learn "Receptionist": Okay, this is a word I created, which means you learn to engage with people in a way which is friendly, but distant like a receptionist talking to a random caller. I got this mindset from some of the members of this forum, so I cant take credit for it, but you get the idea.. The core essence of this point is to show as little emotion as possible to not appear cold.

6) UNDERSTAND that as a MGTOW, you can never reach the echelons of upper management: The modern-day CEOs/Managing Directors/upper management are guys who are masters at political correctness. They are the people who played the game safe at the expense of their own beliefs/values and they probably over-worked because they are stuck in the corporate MATRIX (make more money to satisfy prima-donna wife/keep-up the appearance of successful lifestyle..etc). You have to put work/professional life above your personal goals/ambitions to become upper management anyways(which I hate as I value my life and my time. I just swallowed the red pill and got out of being a drone-worker for women man, why would I want to do that for a corporation!!) So, as an MGTOW, you can only go as far as to the point where you can get out of work on time without it affecting your life, which is not much (in some jobs, you can be a manager/supervisor and not worry about work much).

So, why do I keep working in an office if its so hard? I am learning my trade gentlemen and you should do the same too. If you work as a mechanic, learn what you can to become a mechanic on your own. Whatever you are doing, you should be able to take the skill sets acquired to go into business for yourself. And if you play the corporate game right, you can make some good money very quickly to become financially "free". Become a sponge and learn anything and everything in the office, there are probably training sessions you can enroll for and pick up useful skills. Even if you dont need/use them now, they will come handy some day. And the best part is - these courses are for FREE (unlike college) and people will willingly teach/train you so that it looks good on their record to show that they trained you.

Here is the veteran member response

A very good post and summary for the younger men out there. Those of us who are a bit older understand that it can sounds like a great sacrifice to maintain the kind of discipline you suggest.
After all the hormones and the temptation to "sample" the workplaces sluts is strong when you're 25 but in the end the pain and grief isn't worth it.

Most men will never know what true freedom is because they've chosen the path of least resistance that society sets out for them.

We've all seen the results of the trapped beta at 40, with no reason to be exist other then as a wallet for some ungrateful ho and her wombturds.

The only thing I can add to that list for the younger guys is to always contingency plan your future, men are very good at this and know how to do this from instinct
This means having at least a Plan B and maybe even a Plan C, should things not work out in your career you should have fallback. Mangina and betas don't have any such plans and you can clearly see the results when TSHTF.

A lot of younger men don't realize but need to understand that rich men don't aren't rich because of the lottery, they're rich because they PLAN to be rich, they have a goal and several ways to get to that goal and they put all their focus and energy into reaching that goal. They don't simply stumble into financial independence, they plan their way and then execute on that plan and allow nothing to stop them.

I not wealthy myself but I'm not poor either, I have the resources now to sustain myself in relative comfort for at least a decade if things should go bad. I did this because back when I was 30 I realized I had no future, except as a permanent cubicle slave, if I didn't come up with a plan to manage my finances and build some wealth.

This is another cornerstone of MGTOW philosophy and lifestyle, independence doesn't just mean physical independence, it mean financial and emotional independence as well.

The only point I would amend is #6, I think you can reach the echelons of upper management, but not working for someone else! You can reach the management stratosphere of your OWN company. The wealthiest men in the world never got to where they were by playing by other people's rules. They formed their own companies and made their own rules that others play by.

All in all an excellent post and something for the younger crowd to keep in mind.