Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Are MGTOW Losers?

Lately on the MGTOW Forums there have been lots of high quality threads, a great thread which was started by LoneTrooper called MGTOW are Losers?

Here is his opening post and if you click on the link you will find many more great replies which I highly recommend reading.

It’s really funny to read comments on internet about how mgtow men are somehow pathetic loser’s.

Well let me tell you about those ‘’winners ‘’ who have wives, girlfriends and children. I have them around at my work. They live from paycheck to paycheck some of them even borrow money from me, to make ends meet.

I live comfortably from about 30% of my income everything else goes straight into my bank account and numbers are going up and up. My married coworkers always have some ‘’financial problems’’ and when I mention how come they always have money problems? Their response is well you don’t have a ‘’family to support when you will have children and wife you will see how hard it is’’

I usually try to hide my smirk and look serious. Also those ‘’winner men’’ complain constantly how their ‘’soul mates‘’ label them as selfish, and they can’t make big buys like ‘’car or bike ‘’ without consultation with their nagging machines, who usually talk them out from spending money on themselves.

And when I tell my ‘’winner ‘’ coworkers that I am planning on buying sports bike they ask how much money I saved, and when I tell them they are surprised even if we are making same amount of money. And there is strange kind of jealousy in their eyes and you can clearly see they hate me for it, and shaming language of being some kind of gay doesn’t work on me. I usually laugh, at that.

So being always with money and buying cool stuff that YOU like and there is no one to ‘’correct’’ you means being looser? And ‘’winner’’ means ‘’no freedom of spending your money the way you like if you can keep up with vacuum cleaner that dries it up’’ ???

Well I don’t know what wives do to my coworker wallets maybe they suck money from them with vacuum cleaners, that they can’t afford shit I have no clue. But it’s their problem!
What about Me ? Well I’m laughing straight to the bank!