Tuesday, May 14, 2013

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Tonight I was browsing through the Best of Happy Bachelors Forum.

I found one of all time favorites just to show that MGTOW sites and blogs do make a difference!

Here is the Off Centre View Testimony

Dear readers,I apologize for taking time for my second Plato vs Aristotle post, I will be posting that shortly. I've been really heavily affected by a woman recently, and let her affect my emotional well-being. We met through friends, and we hit things off the first evening we met. She looks like every man's Swedish fantasy, tall, blonde, with an amazing figure, and a killer sense of humor. In the time I knew her, she made me happy and also brought me low - she messed with my in a number of ways and I quickly realized that she was likely still boinking her ex, who was a 'bad boy' with a tattoo (who she had ignored her parents for and had lived with for a time), while I'm a Good Man pursuing his career and working hard for my future. In the end, I told her to stop messing with me and have decided to forget her and concentrate on my Master's work at the moment, and applying for jobs in the future.

I remember reading the interesting Outcast Superstar blog and his much publicized "F*&^ers and Suckers" piece about modern women going out with the bad boys in her prime years and then looking for sucker to spend all of his money on her in the future. I'm determined not to fall into that trap myself, but I only narrowly avoided it this time. I've resolved to be celibate for a time and to concentrate on my own needs and goals. I'd like to settle down and have a family someday in the future, but a lot of modern women seem incredibly messed up and all kind of sound the same repeating phrases at me all the time "I don't want to get married/have kids until I'm in my 30s", "I want a career" [most blokes just want a job] and blah blah blah.

My dad has been a strong influence on my life and I'm sure he could get a lot of interest from women, but he's said he's always been faithful to my mum because cheating is just not worth it for all the guilt and strain on things. My folks raised me to be a man who had high standards and works up to them. Sometimes I'd like to be the guy who could just shag around, and I've had plenty of offers from women (I can be a very charming kind of guy, so I'm told), but it doesn't fit into the man I want to be and so I choose not to act in that manner. If any of my readers think otherwise, that's cool because it's your own lives, and I'm not going to preach at people but every action has it's consequences.

Until next time,

Peace,Off Centre View