Saturday, April 10, 2010

American People in their 30's

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Most of the American men I meet in their 30s are content with their choices, know who they are, and where they are going. As the old saying goes, they are comfortable in their skin.

Most of the American women I meet in their 30s are nasty, angry, fighting with themselves over being a woman or having a career, and stressed out over trying to do both.

In that there is great irony, which points to a deeper issue. For most of human history woman has not had to go through a gauntlet for her psychological identity. She was woman and no transition was needed except from girl to woman and even that was taken care of by nature with her first menstrual cycle.

Males had the psychological journey to make, and they still have to do so, reject the feminine, adopt the masculine and find a place in society while quite young. Said another way, males make the journey whether they like it or not -- and I suspect a bad detour on the journey is homosexuality.

Women in their 30s today have been forced by society to take the male route. They are not psychologically women in the classical sense. Now, boys hit that critical psychological identity stage before 10, today's woman is hitting it in her 30s...not only a different roll, but at a difficult time and without the emotional envelope of the progenating family around her.

Thus the irony is woman in imitating man (and despite a confusion of terms that is what the feminist movement is all about-- rejection of the maternal and adopting the paternal) woman is becoming lost with no shaman (sha-woman so to speak) to show the way off the two-edged sword. I think we are beginning to see the start of a large, painful social issue.

There is perhaps no woman on earth more separated from her womb than an American woman, and there is no woman on earth pursuing masculinity more than she. She now values working like a man over nurturing like a woman ... she has reduce her unique contribution to humanity to disposable bits of unwanted indiscretions. Add to that the feminizing of men and societies that don't allow those two things will conquer the US, one way or another.

Here is another good one

I suppose that married men wake up one day, and say to themselves: "My God, I've been sleeping with the enemy."

When the fog of testosterone clears a bit, most men wonder why they were lead to get married. It's not that they suddenly don't like women any more. They just realize one day why they kept entering the furnace and getting burned, and why they won't any more.

Men are more blinded by their hormones than women... she sees clearly most of the time. He, however, starting in his 30s, begins to see past her body to the entity within and it dawns on him there is a price to pay for his desires. As the desire eases and the pain increases, he realizes what a fool he was. That is when a man becomes a true bachelor. That is when he visits woman, but does not stay.

For example, one day you wake up and realize being alone is far, far better than being with someone. After a while it really is a more pleasant life alone than with someone. We do not forget what it is to love and feel joy. We just get tired of all the other stuff. Most relationships don't endure...they drag out.

There is an old saying: "The crap you're getting is not worth the crap you're getting".

Also, that is why, I think, if a woman doesn't snag a man by the end of her 30's, the chances are close to zero she never will. I hear now that there are more single women in their 30's in some parts of the West than ever before, so it is looking ever more worse for women.

Of course, it is not that women are no longer interested, for they are, it is just that men are now becoming no longer that stupid, or hormone blind.

And for the readers, do you realize that the editor of this blog has been propositioned twice in one year by women in their 30's? When women are asking men to marry them, their desperation is complete.

The Mighty Odysseus

If you have not read the Odyssey, the ancient Greek classic written by Homer, about a dude named Odysseus trying to get back home to Ithaca after he put the smackdown on a place called Troy, then you, as a single man, especially one in his 20's, need to - for you are the Mighty Odysseus - whether you like it or not. Pending your not feminized, emasculated, and a Niceguy(TM) from the brainwashing of the educational systems and culture in the Anglosphere Matriarchy - meaning you've put the smackdown on Troy and survived - but you still have another journey ahead of you - the journey home to the self-actualization of yourself. It's a ten year journey from your 20's to your 30's, the same amount of time of Odysseus' journey to get back home, and you, like Odysseus, are going to run into a whole bunch of crap during your odyssey of life as you move from your 20's to your 30's, as you grow in the knowledge of who you are and what you are going to do with your life - goals, objectives, visions, etc. Hopefully, once you get to your 30's, you will have arrived at your destination called "Ithaca" or in other words, you've survived the most dangerous part of your life (your 20's) where the Anglosphere Matriarchy does its best to suck you in and destroy you - through the marriage/divorce industry, feminization, emasculation, and anything else the gods can throw at you. You could get obliterated by the Ciconians (matriarchy legal system), or end up not caring anymore about your life or improving yourself and conforming as a matriarchal drone worker because of the Lotus-Eaters (niceguys, chivalrous men, feminized/emasculated men) surrounding you. You could fall prey to the Laestrygonians (American women) and be eaten alive, or fall for the trap of Cicre (the mythical exotic perfect foreign woman Anglosphere men are deluded with) - you better hope you have Eurylochus around to warn you about the dangers. You will be between the Scylla (Canadian women) and Charybdis (Mexican women) - choose wisely, the Scylla is more dangerous than the Charybdis these days. And of course, you will probably be delayed by Calypso (women that distract and annoy you to no end in order to get you to abandon your goals and objectives in life for them and what they want). You will most likely see your friends get annihilated during your odyssey, as Odysseus saw his crew - I myself have seen my own friends get annihilated, but I stayed the course home. Hence, like Odysseus, stay the course home to your 30's - to Ithaca - where in my opinion, you become master of your desires and not lead by them, and have navigated through all the traps of the Anglosphere Matriarchy, moving yourself toward your goals and visions for a better life apart from the Anglosphere Matriarchy, and most importantly, to the self-actualization of yourself.

Through The Looking Glass

If you are in your 30s, like me, you most likely have seen your friends and relatives (male or female) get married and such. You have probably also seen them get divorced too. You have probably also seen some of the women you knew as friends, former girlfriends, or what not, in your younger years - say your 20s, end up as miserable career chicks with their cats, complaining to you why finding "stability and kids" or a "good man" is so hard for them to obtain, after they have lived with quite a few different men during their 20s to find "Mr. Right" and "test drive" long term compatibility, yet have it go so horribly wrong for them. You might even be married yourself and wondering if marriage and such a life that was propagated to you - however it was - is all that it is cracked up to be. You also might be wondering if what has transpired in your friends and relatives' lives, i.e., seeing your male friends or relatives become pussy-whipped who once were strong and vibrant, witnessing your male friends or relatives become total wage-slaves in the matriarchal system via divorce, etc. - if this will also occur in your life. I can't say it won't, and there is 50/50 chance on average it will, but hey, everybody gets lucky sometimes - it might be your day. However, if you are a single man like me, you are in a unique position. You have actually gone through the looking glass and by-passed the whole matriarchal system and marriage/divorce industry here in the West, and are now standing on the other side of the mirror watching from a different perspective or experiencing life in a much different way than your friends and relatives are or have been. There is a reason why you are where you are as a single man - whether by luck, planning, divine intervention, or a combination of all, you can see clearly the true picture of relationships these days in the West and how it is one emasculating disaster for men - and can now decide and make a fully informed decision on your future, which leaves you with two options - to stay single here in the West or settle down somewhere else overseas - but whatever you do, you know that going back through the looking glass you will never see things the same again. Even though things might be changing for men incrementally with recent law suits to raise attention and bring awareness to men's rights, it is still a very anti-male West. If you do not see things any differently, then it has happened to you according to the true proverb: "A dog returns to his own vomit", and, "a sow, having washed, to her wallowing in the mire." You will have no one to blame but your own foolishness.