Friday, April 9, 2010

Superbad's Marriage All for the Nookie Part 4

picture all the 60 year old professional men out there who went to school, worked hard, made the bucks, but had to "follow the Jones" and get married. they might be worth millions but are still peons at home: the wife comes first, the kids come first, the dog comes first, the crazy mother in law comes first. imagine being reduced to buttering up an aged post-menopausal cow, who is spending your money hand over fist, for sex. meanwhile, a bachelor can fly elsewhere and date young feminine girls. investing in a woman is like investing in the Titanic. they're all destined for the bottom. why be a passenger... when you can be that iceberg? :P better to be the last thing she rammed before she sank, than the guy feasting in the flooded dinning hall.