Saturday, April 10, 2010

You bet I'm the Pan

Thread at Happy Bachelors Forum


Contrary to popular misconceptions that men, such as myself, that live in Neverland, the Promise Land, or Whatever Land to those trapped in their miserable lives; that we, as free and single men, are simply trying to escape reality by extending adolescence, forsaking being and becoming responsible adults, not fulling societal expectations and other nonsense designed to steal our freedom and liberty to be men - and great and awesome men at that by doing our own thing, our way, like the God that we're under - I would have to say, that creating my own reality is better than the status quo reality propagated throughout America as "normal".


News has become sensational in America - for women or the feminine mindset runs and controls most news media, so why would I care or pay attention to such news stories emanating from what was formerly call the mainstream media or newspapers of record, which I think too many men still actually pay attention to. This woman run media is not reporting news, but using the media as a vehicle to push and propagate their cult of woman worldview on the deluded masses. The feminine is the default for righteousness, correct behavior, and thinking. The masculine is not.

Religious institutions in America are largely and by far composed of women, and they influence the structure and discourse of, which I have no particular care to join such or be a part of. Sure, I'll pop in for major holidays with the family, then split with haste once all the spinster women see me as a target of opportunity.

Educational establishments are not teaching anything of value to students, whether high school or college or what not, so unless one goes to higher education for math or science, a trade school alternative, or better yet, learn it yourself by self-study - you are basically learning useless knowledge about whatever propaganda might be the topic of the day per a certain professor or teacher. Been there, fuck that, I got a hard science degree and making tons of money to burn and light my cigars with.

And so on and so forth with most of everything that once had value for men in America...

I was talking with this average everyday American woman that I know, college educated and so forth, and as she was telling me about certain news stories she found regarding relationships and her opinions on them. No intelligent discourse at all, no debate on the validity of such an article, or counter position, no injection of a religious worldview for comparison, so I simply told her I could could care less about such stories and her opinion on them. End of conversation.

As I grow older, I have become less and less tolerant of the stupidity and nonsense that continuously comes out of American women.

I don't care what so and so said in such and such an article about relationships between men and women, or what or how many college degrees a woman has that makes her an expert on whatever, or how I should be as a man per cultural or societal expectation from the gods of morality (religious leaders, politicos, tribal chiefs, whatever.)

This is because, I set the terms and conditions of:

1) Any relationship.
2) Being a man per my own glorious presence.
3) Culture and societal expectations that I decide to choose to follow.
4) Fashionable as I see fit.
5) People that I decide to allow in my presence of greatness.

I will bend the world to my will, not the other way around, and if being the Pan makes it happen, all the better.