Thursday, October 31, 2013

Damaged Women


Here is a great piece by Free Wanderer from the Happier Abroad Forums

I live in America and something is terribly wrong with most of the women living here. Something about Westernized culture is destroying the most wonderful attributes of women and turning them into pseudo-men with worst qualities of female gender. Many other threads have touched on many of the manifest problems- self centered, self entitled, gold-digging, sociopathic-

Was it the media? Yes, to an extent- it introduced them to insidious, damaging behavior and poor role-models- but that was not the impetus that made good girls go bad.

The real culprit is never talked about. Women become truly broken/ damaged after they squander their VIRGINITY. It is apparently misogynistic to point out the difference between men and women, but here is a plain example of where men and women can never be equal. Women just are not equipped mentally or biologically to handle recreational sex in the same way that men do.

The first time a women has sex, a chemical- oxytocin- is released in her brain that causes "pair bonding" to occur- its same chemical that is released when she is giving birth which causes mother to fall in love with baby. This is why first loves are always so intense. Women are admittedly- more emotional creatures, more sensitive to emotional pain- which is why when that first love ends, it is extremely devastating. After that first traumatic break up, a woman promises herself she will never allow herself to get that close to a man again, for fear that he may hurt her as badly as the first one did. Yet, every time she has sex with new men, that oxytocin will try to get her to bond with new man, but the women will now fight against that impulse- they don't want to bond, they want to f*ck. This causes a sort of sociopathic backlash to occur. After a series of men, it will become apparent that she can no longer bond significantly with ANYONE.

The woman then becomes completely self serving- she doesn't trust that anyone will ever truly be there for her, so she has only herself to rely on, men are simply a resource to exploit, or a fun ride on cock carousel. Instead of finding meaning and pleasure in the joys of a close, intimate relationship, she seeks thrills of new sexual experiences...

This only lasts so long. A woman's sexual capital is highest when she's young, and as she gets older, her options get less and less. She peaked early in life, and at the tender age of 30, she likely has another 50 years of it all being "downhill."

In wiser societies, a huge amount of consideration was placed on a girl's virginity because they knew what would happen when a women's sexuality was left unleashed- it not only would cause ultimate ruin to the women, but the society at large, because a sexually deviant women is a social cancer, causing problems among both men and women. Women were placed in arranged marriages because- hell- let's face it, women are terrible at choosing their partners, as evidenced by 70% marriage failure rate of marriage. The traditional view of marriage held that a women would give her best years of her left to her husband, in return for him taking care of her when she got older. This is the original set up that held families together- a man was also invested not to leave the aging wife despite his steadily maturing sexual capital, as they had kids together and the kids would be very angry at that move.

Women now want it that they get to slut it up first when they are young with all the the sexually exciting alpha bad boys, and then eventually settle down with a boring, economically viable beta. They refuse to see that at that point, there are broken beyond repair. Their sexual histories and memories do not go away after they are married, and those ghosts of the past will haunt her and ruin any stable relationship she could have had in the future.

Sex is never consequence free, especially for women- they think that because they do not get pregnant, that it hasn't affected them. It does affect them- it affects them spiritually by attaching their spirits to their sexual partners, it affects their brains in terms chemicals, plus it sets their sexual triggers- A women who has sex with a bad boy for the first time will cement a bad boy as the trigger for any future sexual arousal- the bad boy will become her sexual ideal.