Friday, April 9, 2010

Advice for Frank Cleri

Thread at Happy Bachelors Forum

I found a rant I did back in early 2008

For those who don't know who Frank is, you can now by watching this clip.

I decided to have Franks name in the title rather than use the title Outcast Superstar plays the role of advice columnist. This way should Frank want to look up is name doing a google search he can find this blog entry!


First of all you need a good kick in the rear end for even thinking about getting married to an American Woman but the most importantly of all you need to ACT now with 911 urgency as your now at crossroads with your life.

This is why; you have currently been married to a cheating whore for two years with no kids. If you decide to file for divorce now and dump this cheating whore, you can escape with minimal damage. At worst you may just have to give her one lump sum up front and this is it. Believe me this would be a very good investment as it would cost nowhere near as much to get rid of her now as it would be later.

However, Frank should you decide to be a dumb Magina and work things out just so you can have sex with a rapidly aging vagina, down the road you will hurting a lot more than you currently are right now. I'm going to tell you what your life will like 5 years down the road should you decide to stay in this marriage. First your cheating whore looks will be going downhill, so the first thing which will happen is that she will get baby rabies. Frank you may think being a Dad someday is great but you just don't understand what is going on so stick with me. Secondly, make no mistake about it she will be screwing men behind your back, once a cheater always a cheater. Thirdly, she is going to get BORED which you already know too well. This means she wants to get a divorce.

Now Frank, you may think you are a good man and justice will prevail. This would be logical for you to believe since you are a ROOKIE Cop. However, you will find out painfully that Osama bin Laden will have more rights here in the United States of America than a Divorced Father will. All your slut wife has to do is make a charge that she feels threatened by you. Next you will get kicked out of your own home and arrested, you will LOSE custody of your children you have with your slut wife. Now you are going have to pay big child support payments, alimony payments, as well as having to pay outrageous legal fees for you and your slut ex-wife. For just case you didn't hear me right you do have to PAY FOR YOUR EX-SLUT'S LEGAL FEES TOO, this is NOT a typo. Oh yes I forgot to tell you about imputed income! Should you lose your job as a cop because you couldn't hold down your job because your EX-WHORE kept dragging you into court because she isn't getting enough vagina (alimony) money (a vagina you no longer get to stick your dick in) your child support payments and alimony payments will not get reduced. A judge will base these payments based on POTENTIAL income and NOT actual income. A judge appointed my man hating feminists will get to decide what POTENTIAL is NOT you. Because imputed income may be more than your actual income and your/ex-whore's legal fees, child support, and alimony payments may be more than you're currently making. Should you fail to make these payments, you will get thrown in PRISON.

Frank, if you cut your losses now you will have a very bright future ahead of you and sooner or later you will realize you just dodged a very big bullet. As you get older you soon find out there is never been a better time in history to be a dedicated life long bachelor than there is today. If to decide to stick out in marriage for a few more years, it will be too late!

Here is the bachelor lifestyle you can enjoy for yourself if you decide to cut your losses right now!

NOT having to settle for being a consolation prize PRICELESS!

NOT having to deal the stress of some ungrateful bitch spending away my hard earn money PRICELESS!

NOT having to deal with the stress of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in child support (a kid which might not be even be mine) where I would only get 5 hours of visitation rights every other Sunday ordered by the Feminazi Court System PRICELESS!

NOT having to deal with the stress of losing my house, assets, paying alimony due to a false abuse charge made up by an angry old bag of cellulite in order to get a better settlement in the Feminazi Court System PRICELESS!

NOT having to deal with stress of having to deal with a bossy bitch giving me tons of shit right when I walk through the door after a long day of work but instead get to go home to a place which is very peaceful and quiet to relax and gather my thoughts PRICELESS!

NOT having to deal with the stress of betrayal and rejection of a wife or long term girlfriend banging a exciting bad boy or thug behind my back despite making many sacrifices I had made for them PRICELESS!

NOT having to ask for permission to do something I want (e.g. Fun Hobby) nor having to ask for permission how I can spend my hard earned money PRICELESS!

As a result of NOT getting taken to the cleaners by an American Woman or having to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in child support through the Feminazi court system, getting to retire and expat at a younger age, PRICELESS!

There are some things in life money just can't buy! For everything else, there are fun bachelor hobbies to do, and exciting bachelor vacations to take outside of America.

P.S. While you are at it, you should pick up the book 'The Hedonist', take a bachelor vacation to Rio de Janeiro and listen to Tom Leykis. You should consider this to be therapy.