Saturday, April 10, 2010

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

Thread at Happy Bachelors Forum


I've mentioned before how Anglosphere men, in one way or another, think that if woman does not validate or approve them (and this notion can be extended to Anglosphere men's ideas, works, etc.) they aren't worth anything - which feminized Anglosphere societies reinforce.

Since I come from a non-Anglosphere culture and society, I can clearly see this in the Anglosphere societies, while Anglosphere men are blind to it and can't even fathom life without having women validate them or not.

For example, how many Anglosphere men are busting their asses in jobs they don't like just so they can show women how successful they are, or how many Anglosphere men are screwing over their fellow Anglosphere man just for the attention of a woman - are Anglosphere men not better than the male monkeys in the wild competing for the breeding rights to the female monkeys?

At least the male monkeys in the wild are smarter in that they are competing for the breeding rights to all the female monkeys in their territory while Anglosphere men are competing for just one woman - which makes me seriously doubt any evolution theories on the ascent of man, since the male monkeys definitely appear smarter.

Anyway, it is really anathema to men in non-Anglosphere societies to even think that a woman has any type of authority for validation of a man or not, and truly sickening to watch in the Anglosphere world. For some Anglosphere men, continuous improvement is all that is needed to optimized themselves to level of independence free from being concerned about if women validate them or not.

In other Anglosphere men, which I think is the majority of Anglosphere men, innovation is needed to thoroughly break free from the power of validation that women hold over these Anglosphere men in feminized Anglosphere societies.

One of the ways Anglosphere men can break free from this co-dependence validation crap by women, is to have a vision or goal in their lives. Visions or goals DO NOT include things like finding a nice girl, getting a date, getting married, etc. These ARE NOT accomplishments in life, these are at best just minor side notes in life, but sadly, most Anglosphere men consider these retarded notions as visions or goals in their lives.

Visions or goals consist of things that directly help you as a man improve (via continuous improvement) or radically change for the better (via innovation). We can say the limit of continuous improvement becomes innovation, because you can only continuously improve something so much, then you got to innovate with a brand new thing, and then continuously improve that new thing, and the process repeats in a ever improving cycle of continuous improvement and innovation working hand in hand.

Discuss among yourselves ways to improve or radically change your life for the better, I am sure you can find something, then make that something your vision or goal to follow until completed, then find some more stuff, and repeat the process, there is no end to continuous improvement and innovation for your life.