Saturday, April 10, 2010

Marriage Strike (Boycott) Part 4

B17909 writes

After my divorce in 1991, I vowed never to get married. The judge treated me like a criminal;
he treated her like a innocent, helpless woman.

I've kept my vow. I have a good job, my own home, plenty of toys, and lots of freedom. I've
met four women who would have gladly sunk the marriage hook into me. I spit the thing out
each time. I gave up dating because I grew weary of dealing with the emotional demands of
the women I was meeting. And eventually, they all want to hook you. The vagina isn't worth sacrificing my self-esteem, losing lots of money, giving up my freedom, and destroying my happiness. I know there are very few women with good character, the kind that honor a marriage commitment. So, I live my life without the ball and chain the typical western woman represents. If the government wants to make lots of money, it should establish single guy relief centers. Stock the centers with prime young women, 18-30 years of age. Single guys could go there, pay $100-200 for a service, and leave happy. When younger guys ask me about marriage, I caution them against the numerous pitfalls. If they want sex, I tell them to find a women who puts out easily and proceed with protection. The women who were worth marrying, the ladies before feminism and liberal divorce laws are long gone. Older men can find women who don't want a relationship, but do want sex. I am happy to see younger men avoiding marriage. With a 50-50 chance of divorce, marriage represents a huge trap.

HBB writes

Read any article written by the average woman in the media -- or a neutered mangina -- and one will be fooled into thinking that the reason marriages are on the decline is because "women are choosing not to get married" or some other such tripe that ineffectively attempts to hide the truth of the matter.

The actual reason for the decline of marriages -- which is well-documented -- is not because "women don't want to get married" (a bitter anthem recited in retaliation to men's rejection of marriage.) but due to "The Marriage Strike."

According to the article: "A 'marriage strike' is the social phenomenon of men seeking to avoid marriage. The 'marriage strike' specifically refers to the action of men living within the Western world.

Advocates of the marriage strike believe that after a considered cost-benefit analysis, the legal contract that is modern marriage no longer represents an attractive option for men living in the West's changed legal, economic, sociological, cultural and demographic environment. Advocates of the marriage strike believe that marriage is unfair and consequently men are avoiding marriage. They hold that through the combination of laws permitting no-fault divorce and prevailing conditions in divorce courts that are substantially more likely to favor the wife over the husband in disputes over child custody, visitation rights, ownership of the family residence and other shared property, child support, and alimony. It is possible for a woman to divorce her husband unilaterally while simultaneously depriving him of the right to see his offspring and financially crippling him. They argue that since the divorce rate is high, and since women are more likely than men to seek no-fault divorce, scenarios like the above are a likely outcome of marriage, and that many men, fearing such an outcome, choose not to marry."

So once again we see that the pro-female claims -- made by women -- to the tune of "women don't want to get married" given as the reason for the decline in marriages is like so many other statements written by angry women today; nothing but hot air.

I write

I write

Wow another Great Write up. Since I will book mark this one as well, I'm going to put a link in this post for first time guest readers.

Here I Googled the term "Marriage Strike" I personally would have preferred the term "Marriage Boycott" myself. This is because Strike gives the implication that I once was married and would consider Marriage of the conditions ever became some what decent. Boycott on the other hand gives the implication that I never have married and I will never get married. This fits my description much better.