Sunday, April 11, 2010

60% of American Wives Cheat on Their Husbands Part 5

Supreme2010 writes

this number really isn't a surprise....who do you think most married men are cheating with?

Generally, from what I have seen, married men tend to cheat with other married women...someone who has just as much to lose as they do.

Cheating with a single chick is always risky; she can get too attached and demanding of your time, threaten to reveal your cheating to your wife at any given time, come up preggers to trap you....the list goes on.

Then there are of course, probably a smaller percentage who are cheating with the same sex....but thats another thread right there.

I write

“Generally, from what I have seen, married men tend to cheat with other married women...someone who has just as much to lose as they do.”

I disagree with this statement! Married Women don't lose as much as Married Men do. All the Married Woman has to do is imply that at some point her husband may be abusive. Then she can get a thing called an "ex parte" which forces the husband out of the home. If the Married Woman gets the right lawyer first, hubby pays for his and her divorce fees (hundreds of dollars per hour), gets the house, gets at least half of the other assets, gets alimony, gets child support (if any kids) etc.

Married Women have nothing to lose by cheating on their husbands.

Still don't believe me? Play this 3 1/2 minute clip!

I also wrote

For those guest readers who think I'm full shit or I'm over exaggerating this thing called ex parte.

Here something I pulled up from the internet very quickly.

Here is the legal definition of "ex parte"


Lat. 'By or for one party' or 'by one side.'

Refers to situations in which only one party (and not the adversary) appears before a judge. Such meetings are often forbidden.

Although a judge is normally required to meet with all parties in a case and not with just one, there are circumstances where this rule does not apply and the judge is allowed to meet with just one side (ex parte) such as where a plaintiff requests an order (say to extend time for service of a summons) or dismissal before the answer or appearance of the defendant(s).

In addition, sometimes most of the time on wife's request judges will issue temporary orders ex parte (that is, based on one party's request without hearing from the other side) when time is limited or it would do no apparent good to hear the other side of the dispute. For example, if a wife claims domestic violence, a court may immediately issue an ex parte order telling her husband to stay away. Once he's out of the house, the court holds a hearing, where he can tell his side and the court can decide whether the ex parte order should be made permanent.

Supreme 2010 writes

When I say a married woman has as much to lose as a married man cheating, I am speaking specifically of the marriage itself. Not everyone cheating wants to upset their present homelife, some just need a little ring-a-ding-ding on the side but have no intentions of leaving.

I know of at least 2 chicks who are screwing around on their husbands. Neither chick wants to leave her husband, lifestyle, etc., so they only fool around with other married men [never single men or so they claim]. Their thought is that the side dude isn't gonna rock the boat and neither are they - they both get what they want - or as people commonly say, they get to have their cake and eat it too.

Now for those who want OUT of their marriage, thats another story.

Curiepoint writes

What compounds the problem is simply this:

Women haven't any sense that anything they do is wrong.

Indidelity isn't infidelity; it's sexual empowerment, to their warped little minds. Have you ever seen a child that gets caught doing something of which they are uttlerly aware is wrong, and once they realize they can't lie their way out of it, they immediately turn to justification? In fact, they will turn the situation around and try to pin the blame on someone else:

"I only hit Billy because he hurt my feelings!"

Sounds rmarkably like:

""Men have cheated on their wives for centuries. We are only getting revenge for it"

"16 out of every 10 married women are raped by their husbands, or otherwise oppressed by himl why shouldn't I do the same to my own?"

"Every four nanoseconds, a woman is cheated upon 72 times by their husbands; why shouldn't I?"

"I met him, and I knew that he was my soulmate, just like the 300 hundred other men I fucked from the third grade through college. I love my husband, just like I loved all those other guys, so he should feel honored to have even been a part of my life. He has no right to be angry or to ask for a divorce"

We are asking too much of women, guys. We assume that she is an adult. We should go on the assumption that she has no moral compasss, and that she possesses an emotional maturity that is perhaps 1/3 her chronological age. As I could never think of marrying a 10 year old, so too must we all. Just take a look around the web and see how women are supported for their crimes; look at the expectation that we should be "Men" and forgive her for all of her aciting out of her historical oppression.

The last time I checked, forgiveness does not equal a pass to keep doing this shit to us.