Wednesday, November 6, 2013

One Set of Rules Only, Cherry Picking Won't Be Tolerated!

I wasn't panning on blogging in another post tonight, but my fellow MGTOW Members over on the MGTOW Forums have been on fire lately.

Today there is another big thread called Fellow member mentions us

It's a thread which is certainly worth reading but there was a comment made by MGTOW Member Spoon who discusses how society has one set of rules for women and one set of rules for men. It's a post which certainly needs more attention instead of it being lost in the shuffle (Spoon's post is on Page #2)

In fact I discussed this topic in the blog entry Women Trying to Have the Best of Both Worlds as it Suits Them

In fact I copied and paste comments which MGTOW members Disgruntled Gentlemen and Zed discussed this in a different thread which made my previous blog entry called Half Patriarchy and Double Standards

The post which MGTOW member Spoon made does an excellent job hammering this message through. I do like the way Spoon presented it, so it's definitely worth copying over

So here it is!

Society gets the men it deserves. There is no reason to carry patriarchial burdens when society does not give you patriarchial privileges. That is inane. You are defining yourself by how you serve society. That is to say, women. There is no reason to "handle it." That is servitude. You'll play the 1950s breadwinner in a world where it isn't unlikely that your housewife will use the courts to take everything you've worked for, seperate you from your children and general tear your life apart.

But at least you're a "real man." A real man doesn't take a different road when his usual route gets landmined. He just sacks up, puts his fingers in his ears and goes lalalalalala and keeps walking, right? That's stupid. Playing the traditional man in a world where equality is engineered and enforced by the government means you are carrying all the traditional burdens and the feminist burdens while gaining none of the traditional benefits or feminist benefits.

No dice. I'm only playing by one set of rules. Either I'm the white knight and she gets back in the fucking kitchen or we're equal and she deserves no female privileges whatsoever. Since society at large seems to have chosen equality + traditional privileges for women, I'm making my own set of rules to protect my own best interests.

Families are now just a woman and her kids. The man is a superfluous second parent who can be removed at any time. He is only valued for the money he provides. = Don't start a family

Marriage is now nothing but a system for transfering wealth from men to women = Don't marry

Co-habitation means that after two years the government considers us legally married = Don't co-habitate

You can be forced to pay child support to single mothers you date = Don't date single mothers

You can be forced to pay child support to children that are fraudulantly presented as yours = Always demand a paternity test no matter what

These are solutions to real risks.

MGTOW has a name not because we need a support group to live our lives but because it is a growing and developing phenomenon that we are a part of and want to discuss. It's an organic movement. It's simply developing naturally out of the current social conditions. We don't recruit. Many guys on the BB forum have said that they've never heard of it but find themselves living it already anyway. That's how we all were until we stumbled upon the online communities that gave it a name and discusses it.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Half Patriarchy and Double Standards

First off this is the second post of the day, the first one being "Are MGTOW Losers?"

There is another all time classic thread in the MGTOW Forums called More Interesting Things Going on in Japan

What is currently going on in Japan is very fascinating and I can only hope American Men, British Men, Canadian Men, and Australian Men can have the same impact as the Japanese Men. The Japanese Men have set the Gold Standard of how to make a huge impact!

This thread has lots of meat which I just can't post it all here but I highly recommend any one who reads my blog to check it out

On Page 3 of this big thread it turned into Half Patriarchy and Double Standards which I wanted to copy and paste a couple of posts (2 out of 48 and counting to be exact)

First here was what MGTOW member Disgruntled Gentlemen Wrote

If I've said this once, I've said this a thousand times; patriarchy is (was?) the best system to utilise men to build civilisation. It requires sacrifices from both men AND women in order to achieve civilisation. Feminists DO NOT HATE the patriarchy. Let me repeat that, feminists DO NOT HATE the patriarchy, they only hate the part that places restrictions on them and enjoy the benefits they got from it via the labour of men. This is why Japanese women are pissed off because men are refusing to conform to patriarchal demands anymore.

On another note, MGTOW is not about changing society, it is about reclaiming yourself as an individual and making choices that are in YOUR best interests and not supplicating to the life script as prescribed by the powers that be. Having a PR room for MGTOW/Herbivores means we give a shit what the collectivists think when we do not. We looked at the rules of the game, saw that the risks didn't outweigh the rewards, and went our own fucking way...

If ALL the laws were changed tomorrow and everything become fair, hell, if they went the other way and were more beneficial towards men, I still wouldn't get married. I don't care anymore. I'm an individual, not a cog on the collectivists slave plantation...

The Legendary MGTOW Poster Zed wrote this reply

 Well, the feminists were actually right about one thing - "patriarchy" was just as restrictive of men as it was of women. And women wanted to tear down the restrictions on women, while leaving the restrictions on men in place - and in fact strengthening them.

Unfortunately for them, it is not possible to tear down half a house. Even if someone tried, the structural integrity of the house would be sorely compromised by taking away one side wall, half the front and back walls, and half of each floor.

Back in the mid 20th century, most cultures were complex systems of interlocking institutions. And anyone who knows anything about systems theory is that if you change one part of a system, you change the workings of the entire system.

Sex roles were integral parts of what might be considered "standardization of culture." When men and women were each indoctrinated in their respective sex roles, it was pretty much possible to put any random man and random woman together and they would be able to manage at least a marginally functional family structure. A man could earn the wages, and a woman would put those wages to use taking care of the family.

So, think of a culture as a factory manufacturing standardized family parts.

Take away the standardization, and manufacture each part individually - so that it does not mate well with its complementary part - and production regresses to pre-industrial levels. It would be like closing all auto manufacturing plants and all the plants making parts for them, and making everyone who wanted an automobile to hand craft each part in his garage. If a part broke, he could not get a replacement, even from another automobile, because there is only one of his model.

This is the situation in Japan - the factories manufacturing future citizens are failing to keep up production levels due to loss of standardization.

Staying with the automobile analogy, in the pre-feminist world, every automobile had one engine and one transmission. The engine provided the power, but it took the transmission to convert that power into motive force at the wheels.

Men provided the financial power, and women transmitted that power to move the family. Pretty slick engineering.

But, women didn't like being transmissions, they wanted to be engines. But, what good is an automobile with 2 engines - one to power the movement, one to run the interior accessories - but no transmission?

You can sit in one place, run the heater, the stereo, the panoramic cameras on each side the vehicle, and put the electric windows up and down; but you can't go anywhere.

It doesn't do any good to make the primary engine even more powerful, if you still don't have a transmission. All you do is burn up more fuel, and still don't go anywhere.

And that is pretty much the situation in Japan. It is one of the larger markets for consumer products per capita in the world. Except the problem is that they are no longer manufacturing new consumers.

The biggest thing that the feminists did not notice was that while they were tearing down the social institutions that conditioned women to want to be the wife part of a family, and know how to do that, they were also tearing down the same institutions which conditioned men to want to be the husband part of a family.

Now, a large percentage of both sexes don't want to be either.

There is not much biological urge to be a father. In many cases feminists were right about that being a social construct. Reverting to base biology, the terms are sire for the male and dam for the female. Whatever biological urge remains in men is to engage in the activity which sires children, but being marginally thinking beings many men are controlling those urges and doing a cost-benefit analysis.

This is where the like of guys like Henry Makow slam up against the likes of guys like Neal Patrick Harris. Makow wants the culture to continue promoting homophobia so men are inhibited from seeking sexual congress with their own sex. This is a way of constraining men so that there is only one possible outlet for their sexual urges.

It does not work, however, when those outlets are closed.

Japanese culture has lost the ability to sustain itself through the threat of loss of "face." The social constraints that men had to fulfill to get "face" have been destroyed.

Prison camps will accomplish nothing unless the plan is to simply exterminate single men. They will not replace "face" as a method of motivating men to work themselves to death.

Are MGTOW Losers?

Lately on the MGTOW Forums there have been lots of high quality threads, a great thread which was started by LoneTrooper called MGTOW are Losers?

Here is his opening post and if you click on the link you will find many more great replies which I highly recommend reading.

It’s really funny to read comments on internet about how mgtow men are somehow pathetic loser’s.

Well let me tell you about those ‘’winners ‘’ who have wives, girlfriends and children. I have them around at my work. They live from paycheck to paycheck some of them even borrow money from me, to make ends meet.

I live comfortably from about 30% of my income everything else goes straight into my bank account and numbers are going up and up. My married coworkers always have some ‘’financial problems’’ and when I mention how come they always have money problems? Their response is well you don’t have a ‘’family to support when you will have children and wife you will see how hard it is’’

I usually try to hide my smirk and look serious. Also those ‘’winner men’’ complain constantly how their ‘’soul mates‘’ label them as selfish, and they can’t make big buys like ‘’car or bike ‘’ without consultation with their nagging machines, who usually talk them out from spending money on themselves.

And when I tell my ‘’winner ‘’ coworkers that I am planning on buying sports bike they ask how much money I saved, and when I tell them they are surprised even if we are making same amount of money. And there is strange kind of jealousy in their eyes and you can clearly see they hate me for it, and shaming language of being some kind of gay doesn’t work on me. I usually laugh, at that.

So being always with money and buying cool stuff that YOU like and there is no one to ‘’correct’’ you means being looser? And ‘’winner’’ means ‘’no freedom of spending your money the way you like if you can keep up with vacuum cleaner that dries it up’’ ???

Well I don’t know what wives do to my coworker wallets maybe they suck money from them with vacuum cleaners, that they can’t afford shit I have no clue. But it’s their problem!
What about Me ? Well I’m laughing straight to the bank!

Friday, November 1, 2013

A letter about someone I once knew

I know I may sound like a broken record after my last couple of entries but I was reading the MGTOW Forums today and in the Anecdotals section, I found a kick ass letter that MGTOW Member Merlin Wrote

It's called A letter about someone I once knew and I had to paste it over here because I know people who read my blog will love to read this letter!

With No Further Introduction, here is Merlin's Kick Ass Letter!

I wanted to date you. I wanted to be around you and thought you were the reason for life. I was a young man just entering into the world of dating. You strung me along. You wanted to be friends. I was the nice guy, that man that every girl says she wants.

I watched you as you dated thugs and losers. I was there for you when you cried when they broke up with you. You asked me to be your boyfriend but as soon as I said yes you backed down and said, “Maybe in a little while after I get over this breakup.” I waited. I waited because I thought people meant what they said. I waited until I moved out of that neighborhood. Then I almost forgot about you.

You would come to mind from time to time and I would see the image of beauty that would always make me catch my breath. I would remember for a short time how much I thought I loved you. I did what you asked. I did anything I could for you. Each and every time you turned me away but kept me close enough to run too.

Later, when I was older, I got dates with women. I knew that I was good looking enough to attract women and have relationships with them. Many would treat me as you did but I blew them off as not worth my time. I never forgot you.

Many years later you showed up at my door. I don’t know how you found me but I could see that life had been hard on you. You were still beautiful in my eyes and I let you in. We talked about being kids and about the crush I had on you. You spoke of your life and the two children you have. You told me of the fathers that were not there for your two daughters. You told me of your days of being addicted to drugs. As you told me more and more of your life I found that I cared less and less for you.

I remembered that innocent teenager I would have sacrificed my life for. I remembered how I felt about you and that even the slightest hint that you cared about me would have garnered you my devotion for life. I had known that at that time you were a pearl of great price for which I would have sold all that I had to obtain.

Unfortunately for you I had been through a divorce that had stripped away the illusions that I once had. I realized you spent so much time finding me because I was your last resort. You still did not want me for me but for yourself.

When I told you I had to get back to work you asked me when we would see each other again and I told you, “I don’t know.” You seemed shocked. You even said, “But I thought you loved me.” I just gave you a sad smile and told you I had loved you. You caught the past tense, gave me a kiss on the cheek and left after a few more pleasantries.

You had not only used me but you and others like you had used me up. A man cannot feel those emotions with no return and keep feeling them. That capacity burns out. Reality and the truth get in the way. I don’t feel sorry for you and I don’t love you anymore. I feel sorry for that young girl that threw her life away. You are not her. You haven’t been for a very long time.

The most shocking thing is how I felt when you left. I felt no love and no hate. I didn’t even feel mild annoyance. I felt indifferent. I had complete and utter indifference to your fate. It may even surprise you if you ever see this that it is not even written for you. It is written as a warning to the other men and as a response to, “Where have all the good men gone?” The answer is we have been here all the time but by the time you get back to us you and your kind have used up all the good and all we have left is indifference.