Saturday, April 10, 2010

One God, One Emperor, One Empire

Thread at Happy Bachelors Forum


One God, One Emperor, One Empire

This is a philosophy to pursue. It cuts right through the bullshit and strikes fear in the hearts of chivalrous men and predatory females. You are not to be fucked with.

One God -
You have a mission to grow your own spiritual development apart from the feminized churches. We all know the major crime these feminized churches are doing is telling men to get married and what not, when everything is stacked against men with all the anti-male laws in the Anglosphere. God and you can go your own way, and you might find quite a lot of men around you that agree with you.

One Emperor -
You have a mission to become successful and rule your life and the fruits of your labor uninterrupted by anybody or in jeopardy that they might be seized - in divorce court or otherwise. You are the emperor of your corporation that controls the fruits of your labor, while the rest of the masses can get bent.

One Empire -
You have a mission to build and maintain the fruits of your labor, and to see to the well being of your fellow men that are apart of your circle of friends and allies. Helping out and giving aid to men that have been screwed over by the matriarchy and giving them the necessities and tools, whether spiritual or material, to rebuild their lives and become part of your empire.

Army Of One?, No, I'd rather be an Empire Of One.