Saturday, April 10, 2010

Meltdown Part 5

Am I My Sister's Keeper?

Consider the amount of women with education these days and the associated university degrees available to them - B.S.'s, M.S.'s, J.D.'s, and Ph.d's. I am sure every man knows some type of woman with one of these degrees in her respective field of work or profession. I call these women "career chicks", others might call them "professional women", whatever the terminology, the end result is the same - sooner or later - they want a husband, kids, and a family. The question I ask, is "Am I my sister's keeper?" - meaning, should I bail out a woman that desperately wants a husband, family, and kids, that has realized she has totally screwed herself out of such in the pursuit of her career, and now, desperately hopes to obtain such? Some men say "Yes", and do such - but is this correct? Is this not furthering the mythology that "women can have it all"? - when we really know that these career chicks can only have it all, only when a man decides to sacrifice his pursuit of a younger, more fertile woman without such career oriented mentally to save a woman that decided to choose the career oriented mentality to "have it all". My answer is "No" to these career chicks, let them live with their cats, toiling away at their careers without any hope of rescue - I am not my sister's keeper in this regard - let them whine, moan, complain, and die forevering chanting the mantra of "men are to blame" and "no good men left". However, I am my sister's keeper in regard to choosing a young, fertile woman that has no career aspirations other than to be a good companion to me and mother to my kids, which, of course, is what all women want - it just seems the "less educated" women realize this more quickly than the "more educated" career chicks

Here is yet another one

Trifling With The Career Women

If you are in your 30's as a single male, you probably are noticing a lot of career women your age trying to find a quick husband to fulfill their breeding desires as their biological clocks are ringing at extreme decibel levels. I find this amusing myself, the "go girl" attitude they had in their twenties is coming back with a vengeance into the "breed girl" attitude with them having a very limited time to fulfill any child bearing desires - which most, if not all, women have. It is funny to see a career woman talk about her nieces and nephews as if they are her own in order to psychologically fulfill her breeding desires - pretending she actually does have children. But it is all for naught, you can see the "breed girl" attitude in these types of women as their eyes dart to and fro seeking a male whom they might mean breed with. I come across a lot of these women, and you might find it entertaining to trifle with them and I myself have from time to time, but be warned - only trifle with them, nothing more - leave these women to the chivalrous males that feel it is their duty to bail these career women out of their poor decision making, and realize these chivalrous males will be eventually dominated and emasculated by these career women. As for you, O Single Male, live a life you want and enjoy the freedom of not having a dominating and emasculating career woman as your master- or at least if you want children, mate with a women in her early 20's that is set on being a mother first, and if need be, will supplement the family income via a job - not a career.