Thursday, April 8, 2010

Married Men Don't Have Weekends Part 2

Madsen writes

I'm currently single and definitely enjoying all my free time.
A honey-do list is much more fun when you get to write all your own activites and projects, instead of just busy-work stuff that lil' lady dreams up.
When I've been in long term relationships in the past, I've noticed that my personal time definitely diminishes. Even if it's just doing random stuff with the gf like watching movies, making dinner, etc., all those things add up to where there's not a lot of time to just sit and read a book by myself, or spend an afternoon reorganizing my camping gear just for the heck of it, etc etc.
In addition, I tend to get complacent re: working out when I have a gf, and I'm usually in the best shape when I'm single ... probably again related to the time factor.

modelautoman writes

I have weekends and each one where I do any kind of productivity or
hobby I will post as I have done in times past. And it doesn't matter
how big or small the hobby or recreation is, I will share it nonetheless.

Shamless writes

Especially if you have kids, you can't even sleep in because they will be up at the buttcrack of dawn. There is no sleeping 'til noon for the family man.

It's so awesome having days off to do whatever I feel like.

I literally thank God every day I wake up unmarried, it's really fortunate I saw through that bulls**t.

Arcangel911 writes

ust watching that horror made me cringe.

Did you notice how many times the woman either made a reference or asked for money????

(Also, perhaps I missed it, but I never once heard her ask about his day or if he was tired of she could get him a sandwich...)

newman writes

Many of the observations, experiences and thoughts posted above pretty much echo my own.

I have also not married (I am 39 years old), and never had kids. I plan to do neither of these. And you know what? I'm pretty damn happy with my life. I see no reason whatsoever to sign a contract (marriage) to get a "permanent roommate" (spouse).

I, too, occasionally will wake up in the morning and realize how I am the luckiest man on earth for not getting married and / or not having kids - no offense to those who have kids. I just don't want any of my own.

I look forward to coming home to an empty, silent condo every night of my life - and waking up to the same (especially on weekends). I work out every day of the week - I do not worry that there's another 'half' whom I have to rush home to dote on. I couldn't imagine my life other than the way it is.

No one 'tells' me what to do, or when to do it. I save my save my money - which, by the way, is literally impossible during a marriage and, of course, not an option after a divorce (especially for the men who end up having to fund their ex-wive's lives for what seems to be forever).

It's funny in a's like we here at the forum have some top-secret realization that the rest of the world is oblivious to: that there's no need to marry anyone. People have been brainwashed a healthy diet of matrimony from the instant they're pushed from the womb. Even girls who are barely teenagers 'dream' of their wedding day.

Today I have a vacation day. Why? Just for the 'hell of it.' Maybe I'll get a haircut, read through my cookbooks / cooking magazines to plan next week's meals for lunch to bring to work. And, of course, I'll read the great posts on this happy bachelor forum.

Happy Bachelor regards,

Kestrel writes

Hi newman, great post, I think you did a great job of encapsulating how I feel at my current state.

I'm in my mid-30's and have never, ever, had a girlfriend. Funny thing is, I've had sex with way more girls than the average guy, but have never had a girlfriend.

Tons of rejections, put in the friend zone too many times to mention, and all those years I was so angry at "god" and the universe that I was so cursed.

And now I realize the truth.

The truth is, if there is a "god" or a sentient universal force, then it must love me very much.

Because as I look back at all the girls that have rejected me, I dodged a bullet with each every single one of them.

Having been so indoctrinated that having a relationship was the be all and end all of life, I considered myself a complete and utter failure at life.

Every night when I went to bed, I would ask myself, "did I finally find love?" and then answer was "no" and I would mentally kick myself in the ass all night long until I got tired and fell asleep. As you can imagine, I had lots of trouble sleeping.

These days, I drink the sweet and blessed wonderful freedom I now have. I make a 6-figure salary, I have zero debt, a 6-figure net worth, and it's all mine. I owe nothing to no one and no one owes me anything. I am truly and completely free, and I truly appreciate it.

Do I hate women? I don't have time to, I'm too busy enjoying life. Am I still attracted to women? I'm a man, of course I am, but the difference is, I now know and appreciate the value I bring to the table, and I realize that I'm the one bringing more value into the deal, so until I find a situation on my terms, I'm happy with no deal and being completely free. I feel blessed.