Saturday, April 10, 2010

Meltdown Part 4

Here is yet another one

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Is A Freight Train

Alas, the final stage of the modern women- single, alone, miserable, and with cats...a lot of cats. There are no denying women here in the US are a pretty miserable bunch. Either getting wasted on booze on the weekends or just wasting away from their mundane "careers" and childless future alone with cats. Have fun girls. That's YOUR feminism at work. I had this one career chick, tell me "Well, I will find a man, and have a family, because there is always light at the end of the tunnel." I said, "Honey, the light at the end of the tunnel is a freight train." Of course, she started crying. Truth hurts. So does getting hit by the freight train of reality. Women in their 30's are really in for hard times - there feminists leaders are dying or are dead so there is no leadership around to pump them with hate for men, they have past the expiration date to have kids and family, and are stuck in mind-numbing careers. Now the younger generation of women in their 20's seems different, they tend to have this look on them as if "Oh My God, I better not a biatch lest I end up like those women in their 30's." Well, that is great and all, but these women are also in for hard times since men are on a marriage strike. This freight train of reality is going to hit another two generations of women, having already run over women in their 40's and 50's who are so delusional from the aftershock of the freight train hit, they still think they are hot and desirable.

Here is yet another one

I don't think women are dimwits at all. I do think they have been sold a false bill of goods by gender feminists and the evidence of that is everywhere:

1) Record high divorce rate
2) Record low men proposing rate
3) Record number of unwed mothers
4) Record number of women living alone in mid life
5) Record number of women going to jail
6) Record number of women committing serious crimes
7) Record number of women being treated for depression
8) Record number of women are dying from behavior-related cancer.
9) Record number of women killing their children (80 percent of all children killed are kill by their mothers, not their fathers according to National Vital Statistics.)

Now you may think that's a fine track record for modern woman, I do not. I think woman should be legally equal, but I do not think she should act like a man, and THAT is the essential lie of feminism, that is if woman acts like a man her life will be instantly better. Clearly this is not so. She needs to be a fully actualized woman, not a woman trying to act like a man.

I think the end result of the feminist lie is that women are not happy at all. They are lonely and they are angry. They have only themselves to blame. My goal, is to suggest woman can be equal and feminine, a rather radical idea.