Monday, April 22, 2013

Flying High Again

Yawn another day, another pathetic Man Up article but at least the marriage strike (boycott) is growing by the numbers.

Yet again womanhater from the MGTOW Forums wrote another kick ass reply and here it is!

This is why MGTOW will be the strategy that wins the gender war.

Men have what twats want (commitment, companionship, and sperm - or more directly, someone to knock her up AND pay the bills AND help with child rearing), and these things do not have substitutes.

What men want from the cunts is sex - for which there are MANY substitutes of equal quality that are FAR less expensive and FAR more reliable.

Therefore, even if both sides were to completely withhold what the other side wants, the twats will lose because we have digital pussy available on demand and fleshlights and Tengas and escorts. (Asian Massage Parlors Overseas Bachelor Vacations and Internet Porn)

We don't need all men to ghost, or even a majority of them. From birth there are fewer men in the dating pool due to sex-chromosome linked defects. Then you add the higher rates of death due to accident, war, etc. between 13-25 and there is around a 6/4 ratio of twats to men in that age group. Even a SMALL percentage of men (say 5-10%) ghosting would result in TENS OF MILLIONS of twats having to be alone which is what they fear the most.

And for those smarmy lurkers and gender enemies and traitors who read this - even if you've convinced yourself that we're all fat, pasty faced, neck bearded, Star Trek fanatic, basement dwelling virgin incels DOES NOT mean that men you'd want to date and know won't happen upon this site, read our stories, accept the truth, and opt the fuck out.

Even if EVERY member of this forum was so undesirable that you would never miss our presence in the dating pool - there are THOUSANDS of men who will peruse this forum and never register or contribute yet who will adopt the MGTOW philosophy and ghosting tactic even if only out of fear and a desire for self-preservation.

And THAT ought to terrify you twat lurkers, because that means that you're now competing with younger, hotter, and thinner women for the same pool of men - perhaps even men of *gasp* "lesser status" than you. Of course, if you're 32 or under then you're probably shrugging that off. However, when you're 37 and alone those dusty ovaries will be screaming for you to find one of those neck bearded basement dwellers to attach yourself to and to bore into his vitals like a common tapeworm.

Be of good cheer my brothers! As it turns out, all we need to do to win is to do nothing.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Joys of MGTOW and Ghosting

Here is a kick ass writing by Womanhater on the MGTOW Forums

Over the past few weeks, I've noticed a few threads that have a depressed feel and theme to them. These are usually posted up by men who've realized the inescapable truth about the nature of the world and especially the station of men in it.

While it is certain that there is an initial shock when you come to understand that EVERYTHING you've been taught from birth is abject bullshit, this does not need to cripple you or depress you. You were born into an insane asylum which all the inmates insisted was in fact a five star beach resort. You tried for decades to believe it, but you finally just had to exclaim that the emperor has no fucking clothes - even if only to yourself in the solitude of your own mind.

But, this should not sadden or depress you brothers. Rather than being forced to live the life of a slave - giving endlessly, sacrificing your hopes and dreams on the altar of what some fucking duplicitous gash wants or to 'society' or 'the greater good' or 'your country' or whatever the fuck everyone else demands of you, you are instead liberated in a way that no generation of men has been since likely the times of the Vikings.

Embrace this knowledge. It has been hard fought and came at a terrible price by your brothers who gather here to share it with you. Those of us who've been through the family court ass raping, or have been the victims of false allegations, or who've had our children stolen away from us never to return give you these pearls of great price so that you might live as we ought to have.

There is no cause for sadness in learning that Santa is not real! For you've been given the Rosetta Stone in deciphering life on this planet. Instead, see that the scales ripped from your eyes allow you to see things as they truly are, and rather than hoping for fulfillment in the ways that all the miserable people around you advocate, instead strike out and pursue YOUR happiness. Follow YOUR dreams and hopes and aspirations! Let 100% of your labor benefit YOU.

Leave the parasites to themselves. You've no obligation to anyone who would lay claim on your life or your efforts or your wealth. You've no obligation to die on a foreign battlefield for a state that is your enemy. You've no obligation to fulfill the nesting instincts of a twat or to satiate some miserable fucking cunt's advanced case of baby rabies. You've no obligation or duty to prevent some carousel hopping womyn's studies major HR cunt from becoming a lonely barren spinster listening to her ovaries turn to dust.

Your only obligation is to the men who've enlightened you! Those men who've borne their pain and their suffering so that YOU may be saved have a claim on you - and because we are your brothers, all we demand in payment is that YOU live for YOURSELF! We demand that you live the lives we would have lived had this body of wisdom been available to us before we'd been ensnared in this evil system and toxic order.

Be joyous my brothers! You truly have been delivered from evil, and there is NO cause for anything but exceeding joy.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

A comment worth posting from an article called "The Sorry Lives and Confusting Times of Today's Young Men"

Here is the Link to the article

Here is a kick ass response that is worth posting for all my readers to see.

So, yeah, I'm one of those much-maligned young men in his late 20s, living off Mom & Dad. Yeah, I play World of Warcraft by day and watch porn by night. My BA in Classical Studies collects dust in a folio.

Am I happy? No.
Would I like to be a contributing member of society? Hell yes.

But my options thereof are basically non-existent. The working-class jobs that were historically a young man's ladder up, or at least a means of supporting himself, are gone - automated, or exported to China. Men, especially white men, face vicious discrimination in most urban areas for employment, especially in education.

I applied to an MA program in accounting, and on the strength of very good GMAT scores, was accepted. I was told my tuition would be $15k a semester - but doctoral programs, which are nearly monopolized by women appointed the feminist department chair, get a free ride. So I as a "privileged" man subsidize their tuition.

I also took the LSAT, but due to an emergency, cancelled at the last minute. On a whim, I put my gender down as female. Despite not taking the test, I got a flood of offers to attend women's-only law schools, even though they had no idea what my LSAT score was because I hadn't taken the exam. It was enough they believed I had boobs.

I remember dealing with a feminist professor who insisted that on the basis of my abilities, I should have to do more work, for the same grade, in the interests of equalizing outcomes. I came to her office to meet with her just as she wrapped up a conversation trying to help pass a female student who was nearly flunking the course due to just plain not showing up.

I've met with numerous feminist academic advisers on university campuses that are passive-aggressive and hostile towards men, make a point of instigating conflict, and are only interested in their wallets. Conversely, I see female students show up, completely unprepared, without their forms or information, start bawling crocodile tears, and "in sympathy" the staff immediately fulfill their whims - and the faucet shuts off. If a male student gets emotional he is often assaulted by the campus police even if he had done nothing wrong.

Case study, go watch the notorious John Kerry "Dont Taze Me Bro" video, a despicable but absolutely ubiquitous depiction of the contempt that college campuses have today for the energy and dignity of young men - actually cheering and applauding as the kid is shocked with a cattle prod.

The dominant generation atm is the Baby Boomers. People who never had it hard, in fact they had it the easiest of any group of people in the entire history of the world. They don't understand the dilemmas that face young men today because they have no frame of reference. They think that anyone who faces adversity or doesn't see their whims satisfied is in some way flawed.

As for young women, my peers, they are, for the most part, stupid whores, and they're that way not because women are evil or immoral by nature but because social pressure encourages them to be that way.

Young women are stupid because feminism's unequivocal praise for anything or anyone female and unequivocal disdain for all things male (including competition itself) has removed all incentive to be serious and competitive. Why be smart or effective when you can glide by on system that tells you you're awesome on the basis of gender and offers money and relative status at the direct expense of men? Feminism sees stupid women as preferable constituents because they are less inclined to challenge their dogma and the outrageous lies they introduce to curriculum.

Young women are whores because feminists encourage venal and abusive behavior towards men. In an effort to expand feminism beyond its core of angry lesbians, they sell outrageous expectations on male behavior to foolish women and remove all expectations of decency and dignity. Feminists have taught women to see sexuality not as part of one's of humanity and personal dignity but just something to leverage in pursuit of shallow aims and to hold over hapless men. Young women dress like call girls and talk like 900 operators, expect men to pay for everything and keep them amused, indulge in incredibly petty and vicious behavior, then throw around the R-word or cry harassment whenever they feel slighted in some way.

Unsurprisingly, men with common sense avoid their female peers.

The only way men can win that sort of game is not to play, and that's exactly what many young men like me have done. The only men left in the dating pool for women my age are "pretty boys", serial womanizers, and stupid young men who are willing to act like court jesters and spend like drunken sailors for the approval of equally stupid young women.

The grand irony of all this is that feminism, as it exists for individuals in their late 20s, will ultimately hurt women much more than men. It will create a generation of women addicted to consumerism and completely out of touch with how the world really works, lacking in strength of character, unequal to their perceived station in life, incapable of making their way in life without an unsustainable system of patronage and cheap Chinese goods.

When that system collapses - and, being unsustainable, it will - the big losers will be women. The men who aren't destroyed, financially and personally, will know well enough how to get by on their wits alone, and will pick up the pieces. At a premium.

Feminists are swindling an entire generation of men AND women out of their future to build a base of power through appeals to bigotry and greed.

For me? Everyone has a right to try their hardest to be happy and make something of themselves. I would love nothing more than to be a happy and productive citizen, studying and working so I can do my part to build a better future for myself and my society. With that right denied me by the determined campaigns of feminism, playing video games and watching porn is a sop I'm entitled to.

Like many young men...I'm done being blamed for the problems of the world that the feminists created.