Thursday, May 30, 2013

Men on Strike Book Review Part 1 of 3

Overall, I believe Men on Strike written by Dr. Helen Smith is a very well written book. Now I will not be posting this review on Amazon because I have to protect my identity but if anyone wants to, they can post a link to this review in one of the comments in the Amazon reviews. This will be broken into three different parts and once all three parts have been completed it will get posted on the MGTOW Forums as well so MGTOW members can freely comment on it, lurkers will be able to read it as well should they wish to do so.

Now my overall rating on this book is an 8.5 out 10, although if I did post it on Amazon I would give it the full 5 stars in order to encourage potential buyers to buy the book. The bottom line is the more books Dr. Helen Smith is able to sell it means more time in the national spotlight for Dr. Helen Smith to be able to discuss her book. By doing that it means more young men would get exposed which means even less guys wanting to get married in the future. I see this as a positive thing!

Not including the Intro and conclusion which I won’t be covering, there were six total chapters in this part I will go over chapters 1-4, part 2 will be about chapter 5/6, and part 3 will be about chapter 6

My ratings per chapter would be
Chapter 1 Marriage Strike 10 out of 10
Chapter 2 My Body My Choice, Your Body, No Choice 10 out of 10
Chapter 3 The College Strike 8 out of 10
Chapter 4 Why Does Dad Stay in the Basement 10 out of 10
Chapter 5 Why it Matters 7 out of 10
Chapter 6 Fighting Back, Going Galt or both 6 out of 10

As you see 3 of the first four chapters are perfect 10’s so it will be just a brief overview because she knocked these out of the park. The other one got an 8 NOT because of what she wrote but because an important component of the College Strike got missed which I will be addressing.

Chapter 1 The Marriage Strike
Here is what I like about the chapter; in the first couple of pages she discussed the plummeting marriage statistics which is always music to my ears. She also interviewed a few men in person as well as guys via internet and she wrote what these guys had to say why marriage is such a raw deal. In the marriage strike chapter she even addressed the subject matter hypergamy as well as five different types of guys. However I just think of two different types of guys the alpha, fun irresponsible guys the attractive ladies will have sex with during their hot 18-25 years. The beta responsible guys with decent futures which ladies will save for “marriage” after they had their “fun” down to their final 10% of their physical attractiveness once they get in their late 20’s-30’s. Finally another plus is Dr. Helen Smith did a survey to see if there was any truth about 80% of the women having sex with just 20% of the guys. Her survey in fact revealed, 20% of the guys got to have sex with 75% of the ladies. I am very pleased that Dr. Helen Smith validated the 80/20 rule or the 75/20 rule.

I will conclude with this two sentence passage “The discrepancy between the life of the freer single man and the life of the less respected, less free life of married man is at heart why so many men have gone on strike This discrepancy between the perks of single life and the punishment of married life for men has become wider in modern times.”

Dr. Helen Smith knocked this chapter out of the park! Onto Chapter 2

Chapter 2 My Body, My Choice- Your Body, No Choice

Here is what I like: Dr Helen Smith goes in great detail talking about the Double Standards regarding reproductive rights. This includes contraception and statutory rape child support. Also, I liked the fact she took the issue of paternity fraud head on. This was another well done chapter which Dr. Helen Smith put together.

Temporarily will skip chapter 3 “The College Strike” come back to it after I cover chapter 4 “Why Does Dad Stay in the Basement” 

Chapter 4 “Why does Dad Stay in the Basement”

Here is what I like, she addresses the fact men these days are afraid of helping women due to the fear of getting falsely accused of crimes and getting sex offender status thanks to radical feminist policies. Dr. Helen Smith addresses misandry in the media as well as feminists invading male only spaces. Finally, she discussed how one wife gave her “husband” permission if he could by a desk for his small man cave. Stories like these make my balls shiver and makes me glad I’m stuck in a ball and chain called marriage.

I will conclude this chapter with a two sentence passage which Dr. Smith wrote in this chapter.
“When a partner isolates their spouse from friends, associates, and public places, it’s called domestic abuse. When it’s done to an entire gender, it’s called Feminism”

I certainly digged that passage and another well done chapter written by Dr. Helen Smith

Now back to Chapter 3 “The College Strike”

Here is what I liked, she takes on the hostile male environments in school from elementary all the way through college which are driving young men away from college. Also discusses, the radical title IX and radical sex policies. Meaning, it’s very easy for a young college man to get falsely accused of rape, getting expelled without a fair hearing and potential sex offender status. 

Most of the issues she did cover in this chapter she did very well.

She also showed an income chart of median full time 25 year old males working full time and median earnings of all men.

Also, the impression I got was (at least from the interview with Christina Hoff Summers) it’s essential that a man has a college degree to be successful and this is a ticket toward guaranteed success.

Why did this chapter get an 8 out 10 while the other three got perfect 10’s. The answer is the issue of student loan debt and the hostile feminist controlled Human resource departments make it very tough to get stable employment got missed.

First I recommend watching this youtube clip

Next I recommend checking out this news article 

The average 2013 college graduate average student loan debt is $35,200 

In Chapter 5 “Why it Matters” Dr. Helen Smith discussed how the mid manger positions in bigger companies are being dominated by women. These women tend to hire someone who is like them which means more women get hired.

On top of this, Anti Male Feminist Human Resource Departments are female dominated as well. Which means more men will get screened out in the preliminary application phase.

It’s very well possible that men who get college degrees are better off than men who don’t, it’s also very well possible that men who get college degrees are worse off than guys who don’t.

Many young men who freshly graduate from college go through is we’re not going hire you no matter what since you don’t have 3-5 years of work experience, their references aren’t getting contacted on top of this, mid level manager positions in bigger companies and the anti male feminist human resource departments are women dominated which won’t bode well for young men either. 

Now many 2013 male college graduates will be saddled with average of $35,200 in student loan debt and are stuck in a dead job because they are not getting a fair opportunity.

Younger men can see their older brothers, cousins, older friends, be saddled with massive student loans with very little career prospects. I have to imagine this has to play some role in the College Strike and this was not mentioned in the book.

Other than this one issue I thought Dr Helen Smith did a fantastic job on the first four chapters.