Thursday, April 8, 2010

Divorce Industry

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The Divorce Industry

Recently I just finished reading a book called The Professional Bachelor by Brett Tate. It will be too much work for me to type up the whole entire book. In chapter 8 called “It’s all about the money”, there is a half page section call The Divorce Industry which I thought was worth posting here for all too see.

There were 1,182,000 divorces in the year 2001. The US Census lists married-couple households having a median net worth in 2000 of $91,218. Women confiscate roughly half of the family’s current marital assets, regardless of how menial their contribution is. So, are you sitting down? Each year, the Divorce Industry enforces an annual transfer of wealth from men to women of approximately:

$45 Billion Dollars a Year

Government census figures show an annual child support payments women receive from men is roughly $3 Billion dollars. Throw in up to 25% of your income in alimony payments for a number of years, half your retirement account and life insurance policies, and your looking at the most profitable industry in the United States.

The lawyers who helped propagate the racket are quietly kicking some major ass as well. The average litigated divorce can easily cost as much as $20-40,000 for both parties combined. Oh, and Husband has the pleasure of paying for her divorce attorney to boot. How thoughtful of you, honey! Fighting for custody in Court can bleed you dry as well, to the tune of at $15,000-$30,000. With 1.1 million divorces a year a year, the lawyers are easily pulling in a cool $20-30 Billion Dollars a year. This brings the grand total of this behemoth industry to close to an annual $70-100 Billion dollars. The Divorce industry is little more than a socialist redistribution scheme, confiscating male assets and rewarding women.