Sunday, April 11, 2010

Feminist Debating Tactics Part 2

Makmorm writes

I have no experience in this area, but it sounds like a hoot. When I debate with people and they start to resort to these sort of tactics I feel like a lion who has the scent of blood in his nostrils. Sadly I find that I don't enjoy debating very much anymore. Invariably when I enter a topical discussion it is dominated by one or several smarty pants jerks on the one side of the contest, with the backing of several trained parrots to back them up with things like "owned", "put up or shut up" or sometimes a clever(?) emoticon. Establishing even basic and reasonable premises can be an arduous task. In my opinion the only viable way is to kick these scum to the gutter, by mercilessly highlighting their stupidity, thus discrediting them. It doesn't get easier though. The ring leader is very much like a school bully. He is good at picking on the new kid, and he's tough when he has his goons with him, but when met with actual resistance he doesn't quite know how to act. This spineless prick will resist your every effort to actually pin him down on something that can be argued effectively.

If there is one thing the internet has taught me it is to be deeply cynical about humanity.

Nice deconstruction of their stupidity spocksdisciple. Good topic to cultivate a knowldge of too. I have this great mind bender I want to try out some time. I wonder how a feminist responds if you just tell them to get fucked. If they get angry you can simply say that that is what I say to men I don't like, you want to be treated differently?

Of course I don't know if I would have the brass to actually do this... some feminists are flipping scary banshee women who scare the absolute crap out of me. I'm sure you know the ones I'm talking about

Dsc writes

This is related:

Dsc also writes

I'm not interested in joining a debate club or anything like that, but I've had it in the back of my mind for some time now that it would be good to have a general knowledge of logical fallacies for discussions/arguments.

After all, who hasn't had a discussion with a moron who says something like, "That's what normal people do!" and takes it as the binding truth?

I just Googled a phrase like 'list of logical fallacies' and found this site:


I'll have to spend a bit of time getting familiar with the different fallacies..

Fenrisulfr writes

It is best not to bother with the females. I just take the dominant position when one of them raises my ire, and instruct them (yes, instruct, as their mothers never taught them respect!) to be silent in my presence, or to depart. I have only had to this a few times, I credit this to not initiating conversation with women.

Rebel writes in response to Fenrisulfr

Hahahaha!!!. You and I must be clones.... LOL!!!

Your strategy works. I know it because I practice it, too.
Few women around me are willing to engage in such a discussion with me.
So, they compliment me in the best way possible... They call me macho and I thank them profusely when they say that.
Usually, I put some more emphasis on "machissimo".

Sometimes, I say that being a macho is just the opposite of being a piece of dog shit mangina.

I am a macho and mighty proud of it.
And I advertise it.

Misandryindex writes

“Observing comments made by feminists on MRA blogs – or on any blog or forum post which is even slightly critical of any aspect of feminism – for the last few years has made something very clear: feminists have no idea how to debate.”

I don't think they have any real intention of debating.

From what I've seen of feminists, they no more believe in anything they say than tobacco executives who used to say that smoking didn't cause cancer. But they'll go on saying it for as long as they think there's someone dumb enough to believe them, and because their arguments serve their interests. As soon as what they say no longer serves that purpose, they'll move on to something else, even if it is logically the opposite to what they were saying only yesterday.

We've all heard the saying 'In war, Truth is the first casualty'. The divide between the sexes is every bit a war when one sex sees itself united against the other in the struggle to secure resources.