Saturday, April 10, 2010

Engineering Your Life, System, Process, and Products

Thread at Happy Bachelors Forum


The failure of the most people in general with their lives that I've encountered, as I roam about the world, stems from the fact that their whole system and processes in which they operate and act in are complete failures.

They will blame this or that, but they never address the fact, that their system (their way of life) and the subsequent processes (the actions that determine their way of life), and final product (their life itself) are all total crap.

Consider the following:

Suppose you have a good system in place (way of life) but lousy processes (bad decisions or actions) not congruent with your system, thus you will end up with a crap filled life (bad product).

And the same with a bad system, but good processes - you still get a crap product.

For example, suppose I am good manager of my money - the process - I save, keep my spending under control, have a budget, etc., but every time I deposit my money into the bank - the system - the bank loses it. What good are my spendthrift actions with a bad bank? I end up with no money and I am broke - a bad product.

Thus, identifying what is wrong - bad system and/or bad processes, and correcting both, will ultimately give you a good product (a good life).

This might sound very elementary, but if that was the case, how come so many people have such miserable lives? I am starting to believe the saying "Imagine that half of the people in the world are stupid, then realize it's much more than that and they are even more stupider than thought."

We can only conclude that it is because they failed to correct their way of life and correct their decisions they made in life.

Or worse, they are operating on false premises that such and such a system (way of life) is correct and the processes (actions) are correct as well, and never realize they keep producing a total crap product (their life).

And why not? Everybody else is? They have no idea what a good product looks like (a good life).

Moreover, this is why society at large, probably worldwide, does not like single men, single men aren't miserable, they have total freedom from responsibility except to themselves, and roam about the whole world as they see fit.

Society demands that single men also make crap products (have a miserable life) like everybody else. We can apply this concept anywhere, in any society, because people don't like others having fun, and are always out to steal the joy from genuinely content people.

Obviously, the classical example would the Anglosphere (although I'm sure we can find other examples outside of it) :

Get married and lose all your rights as man!

Have kids and realize they aren't yours!

Enjoy your fat wife and never have sex again!

Great life, eh?

When single men actually think something is wrong with them for making good product (having a good life), that really bothers me, and I am surprised to find quite a few single men thinking that way.

There is nothing wrong with having a good life, and even being envied for it - that means you are doing the right thing - in the words of Salvador Dali, "The thermometer of success is the jealousy of the malcontents".

Misery wants company, and there are a lot of miserable people looking for it. Don't give them that opportunity to enter your presence of greatness. Quality does have a price, and miserable people can't afford it.