Friday, April 9, 2010

Superbad's Red Pill

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Superbad's Red Pill

i am in my 40's, have no kids, and never married... and i LOVE it. i have had FANTASTIC relationships; but, in our society, they are TEMPORARY, if even for a decade. i DO NOT invest much TIME into banging chicks. if they cater to me, fine. most women are TOXIC and natural EXTORTIONISTS. most men are lemmings and marry even though it makes NO sense here. better us be an "army of one".

marriage is a contract giving a woman half your wealth, should you divorce. why would anyone sign up for THAT? for women, marriage and kids are not about love, they are about MONEY. religious? dating a whore sure beats MARRYING one. men, FORGET the past, the days of mommy baking while dad kicks the world's ass are OVER. erase them from your mind because THEY are holding us back.

we must adapt. today's women are as useful to us as an electric hair dryer is to a fish. in Asia the live-in maids cost $50/mo. two "massages" per week cost ~$240/mo. for $290 a month you could enjoy no string pleasure, companionship, relaxation, and housekeeping. NO man ever got a medal for working themselves to death for an ungreatful bitch and prized zerox copies of her bad genetics.

imagine a man saves $200k, makes $100k, marries 7 years (the average), has 2 kids, then divorces. married he spent $3500 MORE a month, loses $100k, and pays $540k in child support. it has cost him a ~MILLION dollars to screw a fat cow AND waste his time AND be subject to her insanity and nagging. if he had done the Asian scenario above his TOTAL cost would have been about $25k.

the present paradigmn no longer works and needs to be expelled from the male psyche FOREVER. young men must be informed so they can see past the illusion of marriage and behold its ugly reality. the sleeping giant called MEN must be awoken! DO NOT MARRY: MARRIAGE is the ultimate BAD BUSINESS DEAL. the new man must view GIRLFRIENDS and WIVES as what they truly are... 100% BAGGAGE!