Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rough Guide to Single Moms Part 3

Sjenner writes

I have one phrase for almost all single mothers: DP or Dirty Pussy! Just say no to toxic waste!
Most are used up cum dumpster sewers. Who wants sloppy seconds anyways?

Mobrules writes

Having dealt with several single mothers (only dated one) I say watch for the offers of sex. Single mothers target sexless men with a future ahead of them. They'll subtly offer it with innuendos and double entrendes. Others are more crude and offer it upfront. You have to know there is an ulterior motive if she "likes" you right away to have sex with you. Since so many men are sex starved, an offer of a steady stream of pussy may be a hard bargain to pass up. Unfortunately like the guide says, eventually things will change. You'll get less sex and/or she may give it to a "superior quality" man. Single moms will ALWAYS look for the bigger better deal. They will never get out of WHORE MODE because she wants a good future, primarily for herself and then her kid(s) after her. Men who are on to those females' game use them and then cheat on them and leave. Sadly I regret not doing this with my ex, that is leaving her for another woman. I don't condone cheating but most single moms cheat anyways, so I see where some men will bring the hammer down and pay them back in return.

Sjenner writes

mobrules- you are 100% correct with regard to these used up cum dumpsters. Just think of them as toxic sewage to avoid and you are fine.

Irlandes writes

>>Single moms will ALWAYS look for the bigger better deal.

This is not a figure of speech. The same tendency to follow the emotion of the moment which got them into single mom status, will continue to run their lives. Leopards do not change their spots.

I have said there might be some exceptions in rural Mexico. I call it Type I unwed mother, a woman who let her fiance anticipate the promised wedding, as women have always done, but he dumps her as sort of a manhood thing. The problem is they all say that is what happened, so you gotta' be really careful, and any doubt says run.

Henryviii writes

Yeah. I used to know one guy who has two underage children whose wife left him, but he doesnt pay child support. His ex-wife remarried immediately and her new husband adopted the kids. So after she left the new husband, this one had to pay child support for kids that werent even his. And he wasnt even with them that long. They were well over 12 years old.

Why do you think Colombianas might be better than Mejicanas? I have read that Colombian women also know how to get out of US marriages. Lots of gringos down there been dumped by them too, once the woman got here.

Irlandes writes

It is hard to get good numbers. One law firm which specialized in marriages to Colombianas said the divorce rate of their clients was very, very low.

A reminder that I personally do not think it is a good idea to import a FW to the Anglosphere. The odds are lower of ruin, but it still happens.

Yet under MGTOW some men will.

My point is enough Mexican women have been spoiled and will bite the hand which feeds them if they get their papers I can't recommend them as I would have done 30 years ago for an imported wife.

Superbad writes

men want sex. women want sex plus HUNDREDS of other things. relationships will NEVER be "fair" due to this. men need remember two big rules. marriage is not spiritual, it is a contract that gives a woman HALF of your shit. many women have TRIED to pressure me into marriage. i simply say NO. their only recourse is to LEAVE... which after "x" years... is EXACTLY what i want! hot women can find another guy FAST... totally letting you off the hook. let them ruin someone else's life and finances. rule number one: DO NOT MARRY.

the second rule: DO NOT HAVE KIDS. if you accidentally have a child it will cost you $100,000+, not including your time. if you have a vasectomy, don't tell women and date as YOUNG as possible. condoms are required still for STD protection. if you DON'T have a vasectomy, you CANNOT rely on condoms or women. women often LIE about birth control or are just too STUPID to use them properly. IMO this is where women who CANNOT get pregnant are an option for sex. these women are often older and DO have grown children.

single moms are TROUBLE. they screwed around, got pregnant and WILL do it again. they want child support. you can assume that any woman who is not on a form of birth control wants to have a child. i dated this German girl who could not stand children and trust me she was on the pill, inspecting every condom, preferred oral, etc. women who do not want kids are JUST like us... paranoid! however, IF you have a vasectomy those single moms are EASY. IF not, women who CANNOT physically get pregnant are viable sex options.

Migs writes


As truthful and accurate as anything I've ever read, and I should know. I'll just add in my 2 cents: Get a vasectomy, because these women are huge traps. I don't care if she comes off as the sweetest, most wonderful person to enter your life, don't believe it for an instant. I promise you that she will become your worst nightmare and greatest enemy, and she will use the considerable resources of the government to bleed you dry. Would you volunteer for such a nightmare? Of course not! So, don't! Here is a representation of the progression of events.
expect to stay in that last position for many years.

Uncoomonsense writes

Great stuff superbad, exaltations! This ought to be placed somewhere in the Bible.

On a related note, somone on MarkyMark's blog posted this link: ving_children/

Fatherhood is something that has really never been that appealling to me...and over the years, I've realized that having kids, just like getting married, yields few if any tangible rewards and is extremely costly in terms of money, time, and energy.