Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Firefighter Fred Manned Up

In previous blogposts I posted links to articles where feminists are demanding men to Man Up (1,2,3)

However what is the reward for a man to man up and get married in the 21st century? Many will say but my woman is not like that! Also there will be many white knights and manginas criticizing bachelors for being "peter pans, selfish, immature etc"

All I have to say is Firefighter Fred Manned Up! You too can Man Up and have society reward you just like society rewarded Firefighter Fred! (Firefighter Fred shows up between :25 - 1:46, feel free to ignore the rest)

While I may find one of Weird Al Parody's Song's to be quite humorous, you sure the hell won't if society rewards you like society rewarded Firefighter Fred for Manning Up!