Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Adam in Chains Dealing With a Modern Woman

I was reading a entry over at The-Spearhead and Adam in Chains made a fantastic comment. I felt  my readers needed to read his comment since it truly kicks ass! Here it is!

one time, in my home, i was with some friends, they bring a new woman since they know im still single..

Well we start to get aquainted, but after about 20 minutes talking, she starts to the usually men-haters languages..

so, after 5 minutes.. i had enough, i stand up and i said:

i agree with you..
i will let you ride the alpha-cock-carousel
i will let you decide about your future
i will let you bang whoever you want
i will let you fight for your equality goals
i will let you find your way of life
i will let you choose your job
..but i will never let you ruin my own life so, please leave, close the door and never come back!

i let you imagine the rest..