Monday, April 22, 2013

Flying High Again

Yawn another day, another pathetic Man Up article but at least the marriage strike (boycott) is growing by the numbers.

Yet again womanhater from the MGTOW Forums wrote another kick ass reply and here it is!

This is why MGTOW will be the strategy that wins the gender war.

Men have what twats want (commitment, companionship, and sperm - or more directly, someone to knock her up AND pay the bills AND help with child rearing), and these things do not have substitutes.

What men want from the cunts is sex - for which there are MANY substitutes of equal quality that are FAR less expensive and FAR more reliable.

Therefore, even if both sides were to completely withhold what the other side wants, the twats will lose because we have digital pussy available on demand and fleshlights and Tengas and escorts. (Asian Massage Parlors Overseas Bachelor Vacations and Internet Porn)

We don't need all men to ghost, or even a majority of them. From birth there are fewer men in the dating pool due to sex-chromosome linked defects. Then you add the higher rates of death due to accident, war, etc. between 13-25 and there is around a 6/4 ratio of twats to men in that age group. Even a SMALL percentage of men (say 5-10%) ghosting would result in TENS OF MILLIONS of twats having to be alone which is what they fear the most.

And for those smarmy lurkers and gender enemies and traitors who read this - even if you've convinced yourself that we're all fat, pasty faced, neck bearded, Star Trek fanatic, basement dwelling virgin incels DOES NOT mean that men you'd want to date and know won't happen upon this site, read our stories, accept the truth, and opt the fuck out.

Even if EVERY member of this forum was so undesirable that you would never miss our presence in the dating pool - there are THOUSANDS of men who will peruse this forum and never register or contribute yet who will adopt the MGTOW philosophy and ghosting tactic even if only out of fear and a desire for self-preservation.

And THAT ought to terrify you twat lurkers, because that means that you're now competing with younger, hotter, and thinner women for the same pool of men - perhaps even men of *gasp* "lesser status" than you. Of course, if you're 32 or under then you're probably shrugging that off. However, when you're 37 and alone those dusty ovaries will be screaming for you to find one of those neck bearded basement dwellers to attach yourself to and to bore into his vitals like a common tapeworm.

Be of good cheer my brothers! As it turns out, all we need to do to win is to do nothing.