Monday, May 20, 2013


I found a very hilarious youtube clip of Bob Segar rapping one of Kid Rocks songs on stage

I was thinking what would this go good with this for blogging purposes and then I clicked the MGTOW Testimonies thread in the Best of Happy Bachelors and found two good comments one by Anonymous and the other by Bachelor Legend Christopher In Oregon which I will now post and I think these two comments go great with this video of Bob Segar rapping it up with Kid Rock!

Here is the comment Anonymous left

I retire comfortably this year at age 45. As a young man I dreamed of finding a pretty, wholesome young lady with a pleasant personality to court, marry and raise a family with like so many generations before me had, but alas, it never happened.

Enter reality and feminist modern times: Remove the grossly obese, the high mileage VD ridden sluts, the bitchy career women or a combination of all three and your choices are limited to well, nothing I could find in the last 30 years. Very limited. We're talking finding a needle in the haystack, but first having to find the haystack limited.

Thank you American women for making me avoid and distrust you because of your rotten selfish behavior during my prime nesting years when my hormones were raging and my thoughts were not always clear. I now see it was a trap that I avoided altogether and you made sure I steered clear of it by showing your true nature early before I became shackled for life. Again, thank you. I couldn't of done it without you. I will now live out the remainder of my life in leisure doing as I please with a non removable grin on my face while others who were not so lucky work themselves into an early grave trying unsuccessfully to please a rapidly aging wife and spoiled, ungrateful children.

Bachelor Legend Christopher in Oregon made this comment based on the comment left by Anonymous

 During my twenties my parents constantly told me if I could just get to thirty, I would be home free. They were right.

Women, even the truly attractive ones, somehow just aren't that attractive once your sex drive starts to disappear. The fog lifts, and you start noticing the annoying and down-right rotten things about women that you never noticed when you were blinded by your sex drive.

You start seeing the physical imperfections that even the prettiest women have. The blemishes. The overuse of cosmetics. Things caught in their teeth. Plaque build-up. Hair on the lip. Less than perfect hair dye. Bad hair cut. Bushy eye brows. Bad breath. The stupid laugh that grates on your nerves. Her lack of knowledge in current affairs. Shit. The list grows ever longer as you grow older, and your patience grows shorter.

Women simply start to annoy by their mere presence after a point in life.

When you hit forty, the situation becomes laughable. If you listen to nothing else I say, boys, trust me on this one:

The satisfaction you get from snubbing or cancelling out on a date at the last minute with a 35+ attractive woman makes the misery you suffered at the hands of women all worth while.

Granted; I never really suffered, as I avoided them, but what the heck, I might as well enjoy it as long as it's being throw in my face.

I took the last few days off work, and rode my Harley Beasties around. Just because I bloody-well wanted to. Today, I rode all around the snow covered mountains surrounding Mt. St. Helens. An absolute blast. Most of the roads are still closed due to extremely heavy snow. So, I rode where I could, and sat at a viewpoint for about fifteen minutes talking about motorcycles with the Under-Sheriff of Skamania county. He rides, and we had a blast sitting there staring at Mt. St. Helens and talking about the Elk and Deer that inhabit the area. It was a memory that will last forever. Fifteen minutes with a total stranger permanantley imprinted on my mind. It sure beat the hell out of spending the day perusing the aisles of K-Mart with a fat bitch of a wife.

I came home, watched movies, a few episodes of Hogan's Heroes, and it's off to bed. Tomorrow, I stop by the doctor because I've been riding my bikes so much, it's re-activated a long dormant 'roid. Hope he can cure it. lol. Ah, the penalties of being a care-free bachelor. Oops. I meant joys.