Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Asian Massage Parlors

I wanted to post a great article I found, regarding Asian Massage Parlors and then I will follow it up with a great writing by the legendary Duncan Idaho from the Eternal Bachelor blog about men paying for sex.

While I certainly believe there are a few isolated cases of human trafficking, most the women there want easy money. Asian Massage parlors and Escort Ladies from sites like myredbook,eroticMP Rub Maps and Spa Hunters are more than happy to sexually take care of the guys that American Women deemed boring or save for later for when they are in their 30's.

However, poindexter, or many of the guys who American Women decide to save for later after they had their fun now have stiff competition. Besides alternatives like overseas sex vacations, free internet porn, and rapidly developing Virtual Sex Technologies, even guys who women don't pay attention to during their youth can have nice sexual experiences with attractive Asian Women at Asian Massage Parlors at $160-$200 an hour or get hot escort babe for $200-300.

So now Poindexter, or the guys that got saved for later found they now can get a better deal simply by opting out of the sham game of dating and marriage, enjoy more sexual encounters with hotter and younger women compared to the costs of dating, marriage and divorce with a 27 plus year old American Woman.

This means Poindexter can successfully put together a time value and money equation and say hey I can get sex from a hot Asian Massage Parlor Babe or an Escort Babe for around $200. So unless hot college age American Women present them with a better deal, poindexter suddenly has better options than settling for 27 plus year old American Women who thought they could save these guys for later after they had their fun.

Obviously the feminists can't flat out condemn prostitution because they were the ones who initiated slogans such as My Body, My Choice. So they are trying to shut down places like Asian Massage Parlors saying they were trafficked against their will and try to fight "human trafficking".

I now found a great write about what really goes on inside Asian Massage Parlors so here it is.


Today, your Correspondents visit North America to report on Apartment Asian Massage Parlors. Also, read the WoWasis post on commonly used AAMP acronyms relating to practices at North American massage parlors).  AAMPs, as they are commonly known, are most typically found in large apartment complexes, although a few “float” in hotels. Part of the service consists of a body massage, typically 20 minutes, generally given during the first part of the hour. The women are all Asian, in ages ranging from roughly 23-50. They either come from Asia or are residents in North American countries. If the latter, they often come from Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, or Vancouver, areas with high local Asian populations. A very small percentage of the women work out of their own apartments, but most often they work in apartments rented or owned by the companies for whom they work. In the latter case, apartments are changed frequently, particularly in areas where adult massage is illegal. How these women creat an instant “home” in a motel room is a story in itself.

Women come into the business in one of two ways, either by answering a newspaper ad in a foreign country or being told about the work opportunity through a friend.

If hired through answering an ad

 If overseas, in China, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand, it often works like this. Women answer an ad to work in North America, generally for domestic help positions (they are not being “trafficked against their will, see section below on Trafficking). At the interview, they’re frankly told that it’s sex work, and they can chose to do it or not. If they agree, they pay a fee, generally $1000 (all examples in this article are in USD), to arrange transportation, visas, any necessary bribes, and lodging in a North American city. They can either pay their own airfare or the company will buy it for them. If the latter, round trip open-end airfare to North America is charged at $3,000. In Korea, all potential masseuses must take a class in traditional Korean massage before they leave for North America. They will pay for their lodging in North America at the going rate, generally $1500 per month for a clean, modern apartment, the rental of which may be shared by two or three women. They are expected to work off their debt, generally around $4,000, and may not keep any profit until their debts are paid. This is paid off in a surprisingly short amount of time (see “revenue models” below).

If hired through a referral by a girlfriend
In these cases, the woman is introduced by her friend. This is the standard method for Asian women already residing in North American cities. They incur no setup charges, provide their own transportation (often using their own cars), and essentially pay $60 to the company for each successful transaction. If the referral occurs in a foreign country, the referring girl gets a commission, yet another way for a masseuse to make money. Charges to the new woman may be lower, since her friend will tell her how to buy her own airline ticket and help with other incidentals.

There are three common revenue models for the women:

1)      Freelancers work for themselves, and hire a phone operator to field their calls. They pay $5-$10 per call, and keep the rest of the client donation.

2)      Women working for a company to which they do not owe debt money keep $100 of a typical $160 fee, and turn over $60 to the company in return for phone operators and scheduling services. They pay standard rents on their apartments (often shared with another masseuse), pay for their own food, and decide the hours and days they’ll work.

3)      Indentured women pay their travel debt, commonly $4,000, through working, typically at $140 per working hour. After that, they may set their own rates and may even elect to freelance. How long does it take for an AAMP masseuse to pay off her debt? Women at these establishments, as a rule, see between 2 and 5 clients a day. They mostly work 7 days a week if they’re at an establishment with lower traffic, where the lion’s share of the day is spent in leisure activities waiting for customers. Therefore, on a slow week, therefore, they’ll see 14 clients @ $140 per visit, or $1,960 per week. That pays off the debt in a little over 2 weeks, thus after the first month, the woman who just arrived from overseas has paid all her debt, paid her share of apartment and food, and has made some profit.
If a woman is not indentured (see above), she may move to another house with another employer. All she has to do is leave. Word gets around fast among the masseuses as to who is best to work for, and companies find it’s in their best interests to keep them happy, to prevent churn.

Sending the money home
Since it’s a cash business, the women open accounts in local banks, and transfer money to banks in their home countries. The money is often used to fund their children’s education and lodging with relatives, or used as a nest egg to start a business when they return home. As an example, one Chinese woman, a doctor in her own country, worked in AAMPs to fund construction, equipment, and supply costs for a clinic she was going to open in her own country when she had enough money saved up.

Are AAMP masseuses being trafficked?
In a word, no. Asian-based AAMP masseuses come to North America of their own free will, and understand and agree to the terms of the contract. If they are working in a North American establishment where erotic massage is illegal, they will truthfully tell arresting law enforcement agencies that they originally answered an ad for domestic workers. As was discussed above, this is no lie (although they cleverly obfuscate that they were aware of the ruse), and more importantly, allows them to be treated as victims, rather than perpetrators, and their arrests can then contribute to international law enforcement statistics on women trafficked for sexual purposes.
 They can’t help in interrogations much, either. They don’t know the true names of the real companies for whom they work, or the names of the owners or its agents. The faces of those who collect the money from the women can change frequently. And the owner of the apartment, when told of the activities occurring there, is “shocked, shocked!” that any of this occurred in the apartment he or she was renting out.

Now to wrap it up I am going to copy a post written by the great Duncan Idaho who wrote this great writing at his blog Eternal Bachelor and you could also read some of his earlier writing at Eternal Bachelor Word Press

This writing is called paying for sex = you are the loser

I remember in the old days, when I were a lad, and such shaming language would have touched me. Now it does nothing but amuse me.

There are plenty of harpies screaching on in the comments (and a few manginas/women pretending to be men) but this one gathers all the usual 'tactics' in one; accusations of not having a life, men who go to hookers have small penises, claims that prostitutes are all diseased (apart from the really grubby crack whores, I'd say they're probably cleaner than non-prostitutes; they're more likely to take - and insist on - precautions, given that pregnancy and std's threaten her earning power), claims that visiting prostitutes is a sign of not having a life and/or having no friends, and that basically men who use prostitutes/escorts girls/whatever they like to call themselves should basically bow their heads in shame and then channel all their efforts into wining and dining a demented fruitcake like her. All mixed in with an amusing lack of grammar and spelling.

It won't occur to these women that maybe acting a bit nicer and not using sex as a weapon in a relationship - and perhaps looking for Mr Right before turning 30 - would perhaps encourage a guy to seek her out. That would be too much effort. Instead, they just whine and moan and throw about the shaming language.

Most men, particularly young ones, will do what's required to get sex. Previously that used to be being a nice guy and getting married. Now it's either be a world-class 'playa', having a lot of money (or pretending you do) or just taking a short-cut and getting a good honest whore.

Nearly all women want to take early retirement or semi-retirement. I know of no single women working full-time past 30 who wouldn't give it up to be provided for by a husband, and even go-getting career gals fresh from University invariably talk of working either part-time or not at all after five or ten-years in the workforce. In order to avoid working full-time, they require a man. And all the woman has to offer these days is a shag. Or the chance of one.

If a man can get a shag from an escort girl far cheaper and with infinitely less hassle than spending a fortune dating and then throwing away his freedom and financial security to support a woman for life, then that's what he'll do. And that's what pisses these women off. Spinsterhood and full-time work beckons! And that's not what overgrown Princesses expect.

Women seeking Mr Right are infuriated at the idea of their monopoly on sex being broken by escort girls who are just flat-out honest about the whole deal and won't expect anything beyond what she charges upfront, so the shaming language is broken out. Then there's the other tactic of moaning that nearly all prostitutes are abused and enslaved and that paying for sex is basically on a par with being a rapist and accomplice to sex-trafficking (this is the view of the British Government, which is seeking harsher sentences for men who pay for sex. Not the women who sell it, obviously)

I don't doubt that some prostitutes are forced into it, but most choose the profession of their own free will; they may not enjoy it, but what the fuck, who does enjoy what they do for a living? (I once read that most prostitutes who are trafficked and enslaved in the sex trade and who are subsequently rescued are rescued either by - or thanks to tip-offs from - clients who are horrified to learn that the woman isn't consenting to her profession; contrary to what feminists say, the overwhelming majority of men would be horrified at the idea of being an accomplice - knowingly or otherwise - to sex-slavery and trafficking, and would only pay for sex on the assumption the woman is a willing participant in the deal. Making out men who use prostitutes are evil quasi-rapists is just another tactic women use to try to divert men back to the thorny path of, ugh, 'dating'.)

It's also worth bearing in mind that most women offer no more than a prostitute. Previously, a woman would run the home and bare and raise kids. Sex was important too, but the domestic and child-rearing front were a plus, and something a hooker couldn't provide. Then along came feminism, whereby women insisted they wouldn't be doing the babies and housework stuff, just the sex (although usually only until the honeymoon.) So if sex is all a girlfriend can really provide these days, then a girlfriend is really just on a par with a prostitute in terms of what she has to offer, only with the disadvantage of not giving you a quote upfront, or guarantee of service.

It's funny all these women insisting all these young men increasingly paying for sex are sad losers. After all, who is the more sad; men who spend their honest, hard-earned money on a jolly good shag with an honest, hard-working, big-titted twentysomething escort girl, or the aging thirtysomething career gals who decide the best way to try and land a husband is to not become less angry and bitter, but to become more so, and to angrily accuse any man who doesn't play by the absurd rules of 'romance' and 'dating' (which basically means worshipping a female unconditionally, ideally with money) as a dickless loser?