Monday, June 9, 2014

Searching for the Rainbow

I was browsing Happy Bachelors Forum when I encountered a post made by a member.

Here it is!

Hey Fellas, I heard one of the funniest things today from a coworker and I had to share it with you guys.

After 25 years of marriage and 4 kids my coworker's wife tells him she wants a divorce. Well thats not the funny part.

What's funny is the reason why she wants a divorce and that is that she's not happy and get this,she wants to "climb the mountain and search for the Rainbow"

Now I had to listen to this guy for half an hour cry about this shit. Meanwhile I'm pissin my pants thinking about it and everybody that he tells this story to busts out laughing.

Now whats not funny is what it's gonna cost him. A lifetime of child support payments and half his shit. And this guy already works 60 hours a week.

All I can say is DON'T GET MARRIED!!!!

I made this reply

What amazes me is, why more men just don't say you know what fuck it, I will go have my fun with Asian Massage Parlors, Escorts, and an overseas sex vacation 1-3 times a year and not bother with dating and marriage.

You get the benefits of hotter and younger women without being tied down long term and have successfully escaped the family court system.