Saturday, February 9, 2013

Money Talks

Someone at the MGTOW Forums kept track on how often he was getting sex from his wife over the course of a 9 year marriage.

Here is a comment from another MGTOW member

So he got sex 45 times in 9 years marriage. That's average sexy time every 72 days.

The 3 first months went okay 2 times a week, that's ok . But AFTER SHE GOT PREGNANT it's down to 0 , I read allot about this on forums that after kids women don't want to have sex anymore. You are not the first one.

The Manipulated Man: Esther Vilar

There is only one aspect of a man's sexual potency that concerns a woman -whether lie is capable of fathering children or not. Children, as we shall see later, are
essential to a woman if she is to bring her plans to fruition.

It is probable that many women would be pleased if man's need for sex dried up after she had produced two or three children. It would do away with numerous small inconveniences.

This book is pure gold !

I will add that I believe this member is half correct in that he is right that the woman will lose interest in having sex with her husband. However that doesn't mean she will lose interest in sex all together.

3 out of 5 wives will have another man blast his cum insider her pussy at least once during a marriage.

In fact their is a book called sperm wars which goes more into this phenomenon.

How this works is that the wife will go out and bang alpha guys and have them dump their sperm inside her pussy while she is ovulating. Right after her ovulating cycle she will have sex with her beta husband one or two times. When she gets pregnant by the alpha guy, the beta guy will believe it is his kid when it really isn't.

Here is one woman who explains how this is done.

Paternity Fraud is anywhere between 10-30%

To conclude a Happy Bachelor Member summed this up the best

He had sex 45 times. 45 half-hour ($200) visits with a young, hot escort is $9000. over 9 years that's $83 per month. raising 3 kids till 17 will cost (at the low end) $636,000 or $3117 per month (17 yrs). Got math?