Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Case Study Jody Arias in 2008 and Jody Arias in 2013

Yes, I'm doing a blog entry involving Jody Arias but it has nothing to do with her murder case.

Last November I did a blog entry called Dissecting Women's Sexual Currency Value

I am going to illustrate using Jody Arias to show just how much a woman's sexual currency value plummets in just 5 years.

Feel free to mute the sound but first I will present a you tube clip of Jody Arias in 2008

Again feel free to mute the sound but her she is in 2013 (fast forward to the 30 second mark)

It's just another case study to show that if you can't control yourself sexually go hire an escort and rent a well reviewed 2008 version of Jody Arias for $200-300 an hour, rather than being stuck in a marriage contract with the 2013 and beyond version of Jody Arias being on the hook for loss of property, alimony, child support (if you had kids/ duped into believing you did) divorce lawyer fees, imputed income etc