Thursday, April 8, 2010

Time for a resurrection in your life

Thread at Happy Bachelors Forum

Time for a resurrection in your life.

Evaluate yourself and ask:

1. Do I seek validation or approval for my actions or anything else from women?
2. Is my masculinity based on societal stereotypes?
3. What am I doing to live the life I want and improve the quality of my life daily?

These are important questions to consider. Here are the answers:

You should never seek validation or approval for your actions or anything else from a woman.
This is almost just as bad as blaspheming God. Seek your validation from a higher power - God, Jesus, Buddha, or the alien overlords, but never women. Too many men today seek women's approval if they are right or wrong in regards to everything they do and women will gladly accompany them, because women can use it to control them. By doing this, women think you're an idiot since it is not in their nature to endow validation but to seek validation from men.

Never let society or another person tell you what it is to be masculine. People will always define stuff for you so it exploits you for their benefit, and women love to pull that old stereotypical masculinity card and say "If you were a masculine or real man you would do such and such..." Don't fall for it. I have women always say to me "If you were a real man you would value commitment in a relationship and marry me." I simply tell these women how much marriage is raw deal for men, and amounts to slavery for men, and say "Sorry, sweetheart, real men might get married, but smart and real men avoid it like the plague. Find some chivalrous male sucker to be your slave, I am master of my own destiny, and it does not involve you."

Live the life you want, forget what anybody else says or thinks how you should live your life. If you aren't living the life you want....Make it happen. Your dreams and goals are just as important as anybody else's, especially more important than the average woman's dreams and goals of seeking a man to support her lazy ass. Never settle in life, and keep pushing to achieve the lifestyle you want and the dreams and goals you want to achieve in life. Keep these predatory lazy ass golddigging women (which is 99% of women in the western hemisphere) out of your life that will sabotage your attempts to live the lifestyle you want and the dreams and goals you want to achieve. Moreover, always improve the quality of your life, by taking care of your health, stress levels, finding the best places to live globally, increasing your wisdom, knowledge, and skills, etc., on a daily basis.