Thursday, April 8, 2010

Has Feminism Freed Men? Part 1

Miggs started this thread and made this opening comment

We all understand how feminism is backfiring, and it's destructive nature. I have read several articles on how feminism has freed men by exposing women's nature and intent, one by Zed at The Spearhead. While I agree with the premise, the misandrist laws in the anglosphere and what this had done to boys in this culture (i.e. drugging with ritalin, etc.) is not freedom. On the other hand, the 'nurturing nature' crap is being blown wide open, with recognition beginning as to their primary role in DV and child abuse/molestation. Just wondering how others view this.

Bettyswollocks writes

I think we need be careful in how we view the effects of feminism. I have on occasion noticed a feminist or two now trying to claim that it was a purposeful intention of feminism to free men. This is complete BS, IMO, they did not realize that many men would start to turn their backs on society and women in general.

My general view is that we have two camps, feminists and traditional women, both exploit man. Many men are still trying to decide on which camp they prefer. There is also an increasing number of men that eventually see beyond the two camps and become fully aware that they are considered cannon fodder by both and, in a nutshell, say feck that, I am out of here!!!

Miggs writes


Thanks, I'm in the latter camp. I am literally getting out. While men turn their backs, I see feminism imploding, taking the 'traditional' women with it. I don't know if I'll see it in my remaining years, but I do know it will happen.

Markymark writes

Thanks to feminism, a man can no longer provide for a family by himself. Thanks also to feminism, he no longer HAS to! Feminism has freed us from our traditional slavery we've suffered in times past...

Spocksdisciple writes

Feminists realized now that they made a strategic mistake because they assumed men were too slow and stupid and conservative to change, that they would work to the benefit of the feminists and enforce a double standard.
Feminists do want the men back in chains, they'll do it by partnering with Marxists/Socialists and claim that men need to be put back to work for the greater good of "society"(ie women), Marxism and feminism are a two pronged attack designed to give women a leisure like lifestyle while men toil to support it. Why do you think so many socialist/marxist ideas are being put forward under the banner of feminism.
They inadvertently let the slaves out and now they want to recapture them, the head mangina Obama, is their ticket to reimposing economic captivity on men in the US. Women need men's labor but they don't want to pay for it in any way.
Men are free at the moment, how much longer depends on how far they're willing to let their governments go in the direction of a socialist dictatorship. Women have subverted the legal system to enslave married and divorced men, this has caused men to drop out of the picture. Now they're going to close off as many avenues as possible to any more men disappearing from the system.
Welcome to the USSA....

Rebel writes

All we need to do is to continue going our own way until the entity that enslaves us (the government) collapses or dies.
We can implode the system. We don't even have to fight. All we need to do is sit and wait. If men were to decide to become unproductive, it wouldn't take much time to overcome our common enemy.
We can sabotage the system and make it work to our benefit: we need not be concerned about women anymore: only our own selves...


Toto writes

In communism men and women are constrained to work by the state. So no more stay at home moms, no more long vacations. People work all day and all are poor( Zimbabwe poor, not US poor) except for the top party members.

People have to wait in long lines for their monthly food rations(so no more fat cunts running around gobbling up burgers; chicken feet - claw with some skin- have no monthly limit ) and electricity is also limited(no more tv all day). No more cosmetics, good clothes, personal computers, good cars(only one type of car).

In this type of system women have to do military service, probably less than men and don't get any privileges, no private property, borders are closed(no more expensive vacations).

Everybody is in rags, hungry, destitute.

Feminists are like brain dead zombies, they don't know history, economics, politics.

Spocksdisciple writes

The hardcore feminists see themselves as the elite and so they don't much care of "other" women toil along with the men, of course women in general can't smell a trap when it's set 10 feet in front of them. They figure the government will stay on their side when in fact gov't isn't on anyone's side but the elite's.
Eastern European and Russian women aren't all that eager to embrace western feminism because they can spot the trap, they've lived under communism and the "worker's paradise" so they're not buying into modern feminism because they know it's a lie.

Henryviii writes

Those Russkie Women know what real equality is all about: hard work, poor standards of living, drinking sour milk, eating hard bread, police who wont police, and a lack of child support payment enforcement.