Friday, April 9, 2010

Superbad's Marriage All for the Nookie Part 2


nearly all guys get married: wonder why? the most dangerous women are the sweet ones, some have mastered deception and manipulation. breaking it off with a bitch is hard for many guys. but near impossible with a sweet girl. i have been there many times: and the guy after me has yet to escape. park at the mall and witness all the ugly old cows dressed up, fancy bags in tow, walking to their big buck cars. their main accomplishment in life? trapping a male. they build up their man's ego like a house of cards... so they can bring it down, like a terrorist... if he gets any bright ideas. think their man is getting sex? male-female relations all boil down to nookie. Wilhelm Reich pegged it with his "sex economy". you can form a better bond with an 18 YO in a Bangkok hotel than a lifetime with these Western vampires. i spent years of my life in love, but lucid. through the decades i would smile at myself in the mirror, often after sex, after a piss... my grin an acknowledgement of that lucidity. women come and go... like the tide... but the ocean is always here... complete, as-is, and at peace. i am loyal to my male friends. nearly all of mine became lost in women. lost in waves, which manipulate them back and forth... like a spiritual death. women feed on a man: his work, his time, his money, his soul. they hold so much control that they carry their man's life around as little plastic cards. trading his flesh for trinkets that she will wear... not unlike ancient male hunters who wore the skins and teeth of their prey. the loveliest of seducers... the young, silky skinned, teary eyed, lips like heroin, worship your penis types... don't even consciously know their true nature... it's all raw impulses and instinct... quite beautiful. they love you with ever cell, with every breath, with every glimpse. and men marry because they believe them: hook, line, and sinker. why? because often even the women themselves are naive to what they will become... that old evil bitch in the mall parking lot. you can marry the sweetest girl on earth and if she stays that way (in our culture) for 15 years, declare it a miracle. when i was younger and warned guys, they laughed. but in time my words came back to haunt them. ~superbad~

women are butterflies that molt into caterpillars