Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rough Guide to Single Moms Part 5

Superbad writes

thanks migs! did you like ice cream as a kid? i sure did. i wanted to eat it everyday. but notice, now that we're older... and COULD buy it everyday... how often do we? yet we still love it. IMO this is how women view sex. when young they are hungry for it and have it every chance they get. later, many become apathetic: they know it's in the fridge... it's not a priority. what is is MONEY, plus tons of idiotic things that i care nothing about. when i see women in their 30's and 40's being seductive, i think "BITCH". their day in the sun is OVER. they may look great, smell great, act hungry (after blowing off every man on earth in their quest for prince charming)... but i know the truth... they're just another bitch.

Abasio writes

Dating a single Mom? Never even crossed my mind....I used to think I was shitty when a woman told me she had kids and I would run for the hills but after realising what has been summarised here I was just glad my hatred of kids has saved me from a life of hell no doubt.

Thinking single moms are an easy lay can get some men trapped, best steer well clear of them ripped open bucket vaginas you could stick your head up.

They can be fun though, to play with. When they attempt to ensnare you but you know what they're up to. Say little things like how much you love kids, how you have more than enough money at the moment and your own house and see their eyes light up, then tell them you could never raise anyone else kids as your own and see their illusions/dreams come crashing down.

Oh the simple things in life.

Jamesbond writes

Statistics show single mothers are more likely to raise kids who wind up in prison, become alcoholics, become drug addicts and wind up being single parents themselves. Kids raised by single mothers are more likely to drop out of school and more likely to attempt suicide.

Now I know why so many guys say, AVOID SINGLE MOTHERS LIKE THE PLAGUE!

Toysarefun writes

First thing you notice is when a single girl says her kids come first. I always laugh when I read that because you know what type she's attracted to. As a kid, I came last and I'm glad I did. I'm glad I had to entertain myself, fend for myself, make my own friends, earn my own money, fight my own battles, etc.

The truth is, if your relationships are not successful, your kids will not be successful, if the girl is not willing to work on herself, or her relationship with you, then her kids will end up running your life, and you know .. more and more women are perfectly happy with that kind of situation, and it's becoming the norm.

Marcus Aurelius writes

Avoid single moms? HOW? They are EVERYWHERE!!! If I go to the mall, I will see a single mom. If I go to the coffee shop I will see a single mom. If I go to work, I will overhear single moms talking to each other about being single moms, trading single mom tips. If I dine out, it will be a single mom waiting on my table. If I go to the bar to have a drink the bartender will talk to me about being a single mom. If I go to the grocery store, I see more single moms with their kids than I do a FAMILY. If I go on a dating website, I will see more single moms than women WITHOUT kids. It's networking for moms who can't go clubbing to pick up trash. If I look under my couch, I will probably find a single mom.

I SERIOUSLY believe, and assume, when I see, or meet any woman that appears over the age of 25 without a ring on her finger and is an ameriskank that she is probably a single mom. I think the dating pool for AFC suckers, manginas, is probably 60% or more single mothers. If I were seriously to go looking for an ameriskank to have a serious relationship with (never happen again), I would seriously be utterly amazed if I found a woman my age or just slightly younger or older (32) that WASN'T a single mom.

You mean you're NOT a single mother? What is WRONG with you? You should have AT LEAST 2 bastard kids by now!!!

I posted this

Here is Mirror of the Soul's take on this issue.

Woman has two opposing forces in her drive to reproduce. She finds Bad Boy exciting and worthy of siring her children, but he is too irresponsible to raise them. So she finds boring Nice Guy to raise them. If Nice Guy is a suitable economic slave, she might produce one child for him, but usually Nice Guy raises Bad Boy's kids and Nice Guy's genes get forgotten.

Bad Boy is the wrong person for the woman to "fall in love" with, but he is the right person to produce thriving children. So once she has them, she dumps irresponsible Bad Boy and goes looking for Nice Guy while wondering why she fell in love with the wrong man.

This is why any man with pride and self respect will never stoop so low as to raise another man's children.

Like drugs, Just Say NO To Single Moms, you're DNA will thank you.

Another Young Man's Life Flushed Down The Matriarchy

I warned him. I gave him the lecture about dating single moms, yet he failed to listen to me, he looked at me as an "old fart", "a misogynist","a weirdo", or whatever. Now, this young man has been charged with domestic violence - a felony - from this single mom who he was banging and shacking up with. Once again, NEVER DATE A SINGLE MOM, AND NEVER SHACK UP WITH ONE. Interestingly, as this young man's life is destroyed, this absolute bullshit of a book comes out in praise of dating and having sex with single moms: Sex And The Single Mom