Thursday, April 8, 2010

Decoding the Codes

Thread at Happy Bachelors Forum

I did this entry back in 2007

I just finished reading the Manipulated Man and Esther Vilar cracked open some very important codes for us as well as the Sex Ploytation author. What I will be doing is decoding the codes which women tell their men.

Coded = What she says

Decoded = What She means

First I will start with the codes which Esther Vilar cracked open for us in the book “The Manipulated Man”

Coded = A man must be able to protect me.

Decoded = A man must be able to spare me from all forms of discomfort. (What else could he protect me from? Robbers? An atom bomb?)

Coded = I need a man to make me feel secure.

Decoded = Above all, he must keep his money worries to himself.

Coded = I must be able to look up to a man.

Decoded = To be a possible candidate as a husband, he must be more intelligent, responsible, courageous, industrious and stronger than I am. Otherwise, what purpose would he serve?

Coded = Of course I would give up my career if my husband asked me.

Decoded = Once he is earning enough money, I am never going to work again.

Coded = The only thing I want in life is to make him happy.

Decoded = I will do everything in my power to stop him from knowing how much I exploit him.

Coded = I will never bother him with trivial problems.

Decoded = I’ll do anything rather than keep him away from his work.

Coded = I am there for him alone.

Decoded = No other man has to work for me.

Coded = In the future I shall devote my life to my family.

Decoded = I’m not going to lift another finger for the rest of my life. It’s his turn now.

Coded = I don’t believe in Women’s Liberation.

Decoded = I’m not such a fool. I’d rather let a man do the work for me.

Coded = After all, we are living in an age of equality.

Decoded = If he thinks he can order me about, just because he earns money for me, he is sorely mistaken.

Coded = I’m so bad at doing things like that.

Decoded = That’s a job he will have to do. What’s he there for, anyway?

Coded = He knows absolutely everything.

Decoded = He even serves the function of an encyclopedia.

Coded = If a couple really loves each other, there is no need to get married at once.

Decoded = He is being a bit obstinate, but I’ll soon get him around in bed.

Coded = I love him

Decoded = He is an excellent work horse.

Now there are more codes that have in cracked in Sex Ploytation.

Coded = I want a man who’s is a provider.

Decoded = I want to be spared from the necessity of having to work for a living and to have a lifestyle I can't afford on my own.

Coded = I really like sex.

Decoded = Until he slips the ring on my finger.

Coded = I like older men.

Decoded = They have more money, are less sexually demanding, and
if I marry one, he could kick off soon enough for me to
have fun with his cash.

Coded = I want to stay home and be able to take care of the children.

Decoded = Talking on the phone with my girlfriends while I keep my eye on the kids the kids sounds a hell of a lot easier than slaving 8 hours a day at an office. Pretty soon I'll be able to pressure my husband into paying for a nanny and a maid, and I'll never have to lift a finger again.

Coded = I like you as a friend, dating you.

Decoded = You’re income isn’t large enough for me to waste my time.

Coded = You’re a jerk!

Decoded = My pussy power isn’t working on you.

Coded = Politically correct

Decoded = Pussy whipped

Coded = You’re a gentlemen

Decoded = He's a truly brainwashed sucker who will pay for everything and won't ask for sex.

Coded = You’re sexually harassing me.

Decoded = I want to be able to freely use my sexuality to get ahead in life, but I don't want to be accountable for my actions.

Coded = I’m being discriminated against.

Decoded = I don't have talent, skills, or training to get a better position, but I want to be promoted anyway, and be paid "as much as a man”.

Coded = Men are “pigs”.

Decoded = I have learned to lie to myself about my sexual desires, and prostitute them, and scorn men because they don't.

Coded = I want a man who will treat me with “class” who will treat me “like a lady”.

Decoded = He will spend money without reservation or hesitation for my pleasure, and will demand nothing in return.

Coded = Men can’t communicate. On me, me, me.

Decoded = They aren't able to read my mind, and they aren't focusing

Coded = Dating + Marriage

Decoded = Legalized Prostitution

Coded = I believe in equal rights

Decoded = As long as standards are lowered; as long as I can still use my sexuality to get ahead; as long as I can earn an equal salary but still expect a man to pay for me; as long as I can attend male-only schools and join male-only clubs, but still subscribe to institutions which discriminate against men;and as long as I am not susceptible to draft or combat.