Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mirror of the Soul: On Modern Women

Thread at Happy Bachelors Forum


It is what woman does that is offensive, and not what she expects that is offensive. It is when what she does is combined with her expectation that make her so offensive.

If she wants to be a baby machine, no problem.

If she wants to be a career woman, no problem.

If she wants him to be the bread winner, no problem.

If she wants to be the bread winner, no problem.

If she wants to contribute equally, no problem.

But here are the problems:

She wants to be a career woman, but he pays for everything.

She wants kids and a career, and expects him to pay for it all.

She wants a career and expects him to be okay with no kids and her constant reminder that she doesn't need him.

She want to be able to ask him out, but never does and never pays for it.

She wants to be treated like one of the guys and like a lady and gets pissed off when he does either or both.

She always wants it her way. There is no compromise on that. That is why the proposal rate is plummeting and the divorce rate escalating, and MEN ARE GOING THEIR OWN WAY.

If you are a man and want to have a tolerable relationship with a woman you have to submit to her domination and slavery and living like a eunuch. That is why us bachelors look at today's married men like they are anathema to masculinity and masculinity's God.

Equality in a relationship is a pathetic farce. It all swings her way and treating him as an equal is not in the mix.

Fairness and equal consideration are not in her vocabulary.

Access to sex is worth submission during part of your life (and yes, the player also submits to woman), when most young men cannot help but be driven by the storm clouds of testosterone, but this is a temporary storm, and it passes and there comes a point in which you say the typical woman is just not worth all the crap and subordination she hands out.

That is when one-night stands become the priority, but a relationship is strictly off limits because she is simply too difficult and demanding and no man in his right mind would agree to be in a relationship of any significance with a woman.

I love the hardware, but the software has become unacceptably corrupt. Her attitude has become so egotistically poisoned that I have better things to do than subject myself to her oppressiveness.

Woman give a lot of lip service to equality and relationships, but reality is if they don't have it their way they will dump on you, use you, and get rid of you like yesterday's laxative.

If I ever meet a nice woman who is realistic about life and willing to meet a man half way... heck, I'd be married in a second (make that maybe 2 or 3 seconds...or maybe just live together or something). But women just are not made that way anymore, and they haven't a clue as to why men are saying NO.

And in the end, it is not our job to even care or waste time with them...women that want to find out why they are being pushed into irrelevance by the next generation of men can find out themselves, but it will mostly likely be too late...and the rest of us men will be somewhere else outside the West, creating our east-west synthesis.


An immature man will say what women want to hear in the hopes of currying their favor. A mature man does not. A mature man stating reality is not women bashing at all, but clearly tells women the truth of the situation of relationships these days.

1) The divorce rate is over 50 percent.
2) Men overwhelmingly bear the economic burden of divorce. That is the main reason, according to the National Marriage Council of Princeton, why less men are marrying now than ever before.
3) Women DO abuse men emotionally, and according to 14 studies also commit physical abuse equal to men.
4) Women almost always aim their snide remarks below the waist.

If commenting on reality is disquieting to women, then perhaps women should behave better.

And in passing, I have never heard a woman lament that her EX took her to the cleaners financially, or that she is being given the run around for visitation rights, or that she was falsely charged with child molesting just so he could get a bigger bargaining chip.

I'm tired of the constant view that women are sacrosanct victims. They are most definitely not.