Thursday, April 8, 2010

Feminist Power = Limitation in Sex Supply

Thread at Happy Bachelors Forum

I did this entry in 2007

This can be found on Page 252 on “The Professional Bachelor”

Without women being able to use sex as a weapon, they simply wouldn’t be able to act the way they do and generate any interest. Overseas, men can have sex any day of the week with zero effort. The productivity gains for your career are enormous, as you eliminate all worthless time chasing game players. Imagine if sex was readily available anytime here. Unless women drastically changed their personalities and the divorce laws were corrected, the marriage rates would plummet 50 percent overnight. Half the bars would close in a month. The other half would once again play Rock music, and the lame girly-men bands playing chick music and touchy alternative crap would finally be dumped into the trash where they belong.

What’s even more frightening for guys in the US playing field is watching the potential targets transform in front of your eyes. Forget for a minute the bitch, egotistical personalities. The average weight of an US woman has reached an astonishing 169 pounds; the size of a college defensive back. The female gene pool is literally exploding outward, while the qualities of targets are imploding inward.

I write this after spending another blissfully horny afternoon strolling through the El Sambil Center in Caracas, Venezuela; packed floor to ceiling with well-dressed, classy women oozing with sensuality. This mega mall has a ratio of face-melting gorgeous women in the neighborhood of seven out of ten girls. Model looks aside, what always grabs my attention is how their eyes teasingly linger too long; they stare RIGHT AT ME, until I catch them. We both smile mischievously. The flirting is healthy, honest, and easily followed through the finish line. Compared to US women’s narcissism and weight, I have to laugh. And as I reach for my Margarita, I realize she has fallen asleep after the 3rd session with a smile on her face. Beats the hell out of cellulite, ten yards of attitude, and bad manners.