Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rough Guide to Single Moms Part 2

Evergreen writes

Basically its best not to marry or live with sloppy seconds. If a man is horny and desperate for sex with a single mom, then just go in and out. Catch and release.

Browntown writes

And with a vasectomy, it's even better knowing that you won't be giving her an annuity hehe....

Superbad writes

bravo, great article! 2/3 of POF is single moms... mostly TRASH. i could NEVER hand over a credit card to a woman. imagine dating someone with 3 kids: paying for FIVE meals out to dinner... FVCK THAT LOL.

Mobrules writes

This article changed my life forever. It should be made a sticky again. Seriously.

Irlandes writes

In the 80's, and 90's, I was a militant FRA/MRA. I worked with a guy who was extremely hostile, always telling me how badly women had it, and here I was making it worse for the poor dearies. He was, ahem, a step dad for three kids. A perfect candidate for conversion.

Eventually, he became almost as militant as I was. What got his attention was when I told him how c/s, supposed to be for the kids, was instead Mom's money. When his wife was laid off, when the c/s check came, instead of giving him the money to help out, because of course, he was paying all her kids' expenses, she grabbed that money and hit the mall to buy junk for herself. Then, when they went to the supermarket, he paid for everything.

Oh, I must tell you the rest of the story. One of these evil, vicious, little brats whose expenses he was paying, filed a false sex abuse charge against him when he cussed her out for coming home late. The next day she was living with her dad. This was in the late 80's, so this nonsense is not new.

She called the sheriff and with the help of two daughters of DV center man-haters told them he had done something not allowed, I forget exactly what. The deputies knew immediately it was a lie, but his wife agreed she had to go with her own dad.

Quite a few years later, he discovered those two daughters of DV center man-haters had both married ghetto bums, and were regularly getting the crap beat out of them. You could hear his rebel yell all over the building.

When the step-daughter got tossed out, he told her she could not come back to the house, until she wrote an op-ed publicly apologizing. Quite a few years later, she did, and she was allowed to visit them again.

B. did stick with him, I believe they have been together over 30 years and are retired. But, please remember that AW are not the same as they were 30 years ago.

Even if you hear a single/divorced mom success story, which is possible as rare as they are -- my story is one of them -- it is easier to win a 50 million dollar lottery than to have a successful step-dad marriage. There are too many good women in the world, and as scary as expatting might be, it is less work to move to another country than to marry a single/divorced mom.

My story was different, but with all the counseling of divorced men I did, I never once encountered personally another success story with step-kids.

In fact, the worst thing I saw men do was adopt those nasty little darlings. Of the men I personally knew, who did that, 100% of them eventually got tossed out, and ended up paying c/s as the adoptive father. It was like clockwork.

In fact, even though I do not recommend it either, if you absolutely gotta' harm yourself, import a FW, more likely Colombiana than Mexican, rather than marry a mom. It is still dangerous, but there are improved odds compared to marrying an AW.

Better yet, paint concentric circles on your chest, and then walk into an ethnic bar and shout racial insults. It will at least be a rather quick and relatively painless death, and will be no less deserved than what happens to men who marry moms.

Arcangel911 writes

Ya, had I known this tid bit a year or so ago, would have saved me a whole lot of time and energy wasted on a single mom....

Irlandes writes
As long as you didn't marry her, or make a baby with her, arcangel, better late than never. It could have been worse.

And, not to be gross, but if you got some good stuff while it lasted, that is also better than nothing.

But, it is written, "Go and sin no more."

Sjenner writes

I have banged tons of hot single mothers in years past since they are sluts and I always wore a condom and just hit it and quit it. However, it really is not worth the effort. As for meals, I would make a massive pot of rice for $1 and add soy sauce and chop up some stir fried vegetables and a piece of meat. Or make tortillas, beans, salsa and rice. Total cost to feed the slut and her rugrats- $5. Thats how Asians and Mexicans feed massive families for dirt cheap. However, now, I avoid the skanks online. I am headed down to South America soon to enjoy the warm weather and hot latinas.

5314 writes

Very well written.

I think though that most of the things you mention apply to relationships with all women not just relationships with single moms.

Even if you are biological dad, for example, you can still be "uninvited" from the family at any time. She controls who is present, and her decision supersedes everybody else's wishes both your wishes and the wishes of the children.

As another example, it may be awkward being around bio dad at family events if you are step dad, but it is equally awkward being around step dad if you are bio dad.

I guess my point is you are screwed no matter whether you are step dad or bio dad.

Revolutionman writes

My mom was a single mom of two when my father met her. Having a kid of his own with her made things easier i suspect, but he didn't have a good relationship with my sisters until they moved out and started families of their own, and came to understand the sort of sacrifice it takes to raise children, much more, some one elses children.