Saturday, April 10, 2010

Single Men, Rich, Happy, and Free

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Single Men - Rich, Happy, and Free

This is the real story behind single men. They are rich, happy, and free. I was fortunate to have some great single men as role models for me to point me in the right direction when I was young, and bypass the whole marriage/divorce nonsense that lays wastes to hundreds of thousands of men each year. Let's look at some of my role models, while I was growing up:

1. The Heavy Industry Multi-Millionaire. This gentlemen is the apex of success, has his own 25+ exotic car collection, including a Enzo Ferrari. He is about 70 now, and is still living in style and grace, traveling the world and continuing to build his Industrial Empire. Super nice guy, but knows the deal with predatory women, and keeps far away from them. You would be amazed how many golddigging women want this guy, even when he is 70. He jokes about it a lot, and says "I still got it I guess, and women want it...I mean the money that is..."

2. The Doctor. This gentlemen is the Tru Player, bringing in over $500,000 per year from his practice, he plays women like a Stratovarius violin. He dated a woman for 15 years, they each lived in their own homes (because he did not want to even have the slightest chance of his woman trying to claim palimony from him), they would get together for sex (even though he was macking with other hotties on the side as the Tru Player) , and then dumped her when she pissed off his friends one day after 15 years. He knows "the code" - " bro's before ho's ". Front the man, get the can, biatch. He said "It might have been nice being married, but I am nobody's slave, and a man becomes a woman's slave through marriage in the US - I didn't go 12 years to college to turn my money over to somebody else."

3. The Stranger. This gentlemen I met in a restaurant with my friend. Now, my friend and I don't hang out at expensive restaurants where the "be seen crowd" does with their "herd" or "pack" mentality - a definite sign of feminized and chivalrous men along with their accompanying predatory females, but the small and quaint old school Italian and Greek restaurants still run by Papa and Mama. So this man shows up in his Rolls Royce and parks it right outside the restaurant window where my friend and I could not help notice it. We said "Nice Car", and he smiled and said "Let me tell you young men about how I got that car - by staying single, growing my business, and avoiding women. Nothing can ruin a man's success like a woman can, so be careful out there." He when on and on about how to be successful and how women are trouble and such - always wanting more and more money and stuff from men, and how women use marriage to scam men for money via divorce. It was a most enlightening conversation for us. We got pictures of us styling with the Rolls Royce, and I have always remember that stranger's advice.

There are so many other examples I know of, but the bottom line is there are many, many, rich, happy, free, and single men out there enjoying life to the fullest, but the matriarchy will never let you know because that would destroy the whole matriarchal system - they need men to believe that marriage is the only way a man can become happy and what not. But now you know differently, and knowledge is power.