Sunday, April 11, 2010

60% of American Wives Cheat on Their Husbands Part 4

Superbad writes

guys, out of school i was sort of a young "hot shot" working in a small rural town. over the years several attractive young married co-workers threw themselves at me. what was shocking is that they were not sluts. in fact, they were extremely demure, feminine, "model wife" types. this is what males who marry can expect of their "great" wives... they are liars. women feed men's egos... they're so sweet, innocent, and trustworthy... but i don't believe that for shit. why? because i was THAT guy. i was the guy who these perfect little angels wanted to have f**k them. and guys... i'm no rock star LOL.

Wc writes


I have heard enough of these types of stories over the years to shoot any confidence of finding a sweet angel of a little wife to hell! And often the last women to be suspected of such behaviour?

I recall an incident back when I was still a member of a fundamentalist church, our bishops wife, after 35+ years of marriage and 10 children later, left him for her stepbrother\half-brother (Something messy like that?). It was pretty shocking to me as she fit the typical little Mrs "Molly Mormon" profile to a T.

Your point is well received Superbad, that being, that some of sweetest girls are also some of the most dangerous for this very reason, they come across as more genuine.


Sjenner writes

@outcast, @superbad, @wc- good reference to how women are liars, actresses and disloyal. Hence, why at 39, I am not ever going to marry or have kids. I used to have some hope years ago of meeting "The One" but reality opened my eyes and now I have become a ghost and happy bachelor.

I write
I don't have much more to add to this particular thread, these articles, statistical studies, and the Women talking to Tom Leykis speaks volumes by itself.

I have moved passed my anger phase.

In other words I have concluded my life would be better off without American Women in my life than with them in my life and I am planning my future without them.

Once I get financially stable and make it out of 20's if I still have sexual desires to be with women, I will just travel overseas frequently.

As many of you seen in the private member section with bachelor links I provided, there are quite few attractive places to take a nice get away vacation. When you are in the states there are plenty of Bachelor hobbies to do to keep one occupied.

Marcus Aurelius writes

Outcast superstar, +1 for all of this. I'm glad this was aired on cbs as it is now putting this out in the open.

I can speak on this subject with the authority of someone who has been there, MORE THAN ONCE.

Those links to the articles are priceless. I read those and then suddenly everything made sense...

I, like many other delusional manginas thought that I had found the mythological ONE...which...had I listened to myself in the beginning, and stuck to my mysogonistic guns, never would have gotten attached. But I too fell for all the bullshit lies they, she spewed.

I thought the relationship was perfect, there were some kinks I suppose, but overall...I THOUGHT she was happy, her family loved me, etc.

But it has to be realized that because women lack the ability to stand on their own two feet, and essentially be functioning independently (the so called careerist cougars are anything but, but this is another matter), cannot function without social approval or stimulation. So basically, what you have, is a complacent, and dormant cheater. SHE MAY BE LOYAL TO YOU FOR A LONG TIME, BUT ONLY INSOFAR AS ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY DOES NOT COME ALONG. This was my case. It is a ticking time bomb. The moment someone showed interest in my ex, and the 'thrill' of something new came along, suddenly her life with me was shit, boring, dull, and routine.....because on the side she could go out and get wasted and fuck this other moron. They become addicted to the chemicals triggered in the brain by the act....because a woman is incapable of rational thought and sound judgement...they act based solely off their 'feelings' which, is to say, the adult version of a child.

Like your one article says, which I also read, the irony is that the dumb bitches are the ones who push for the commitment in the first place, but once they have turned the Alpha into Beta, or simply dominate over a Beta, they become bored...and perpetually repeat the same PROCESS OVER AND OVER AGAIN. This is why they hop from one cock to another. They are so fucking stupid that they DON'T REALIZE THAT THEIR FEELINGS ARE NOTHING NEW, THAT THEIR ACTIVITY IS NOTHING is the SAME thing over and over again, merely changing the PERSON. They will ride the thrill wave for awhile, until the relationship really settles in, and they become BORED YET AGAIN. THEY CHANGE PEOPLE BUT CANNOT CHANGE THEMSELVES.

"women are considered deep - why? because one can never discover any bottom to them. women are not even shallow."

-friedrich nietzsche