Friday, April 9, 2010

Superbad's Marriage All for the Nookie Part 6

more marriage musings...

JP Getty said the same as Tom Leykis... "Monogamy is only due to a man's failure in business." my dad was a top engineer but fixed his own cars, put an addition on our home, planted most of our food, etc. what i found, to my surprise, at college, was that most the people there were not really good at anything. some buckled down and got a degree, but most still couldn't change the oil in their car. many "smart people", even professionals, tend to act like lemmings outside their field. they simply throw money at problems. they also knee-jerk get married.

a thinking man, a man who takes on mentors, in this day and age, will postpone marriage. most people are not that proactive. they are happy to learn their one skill, make cash, and bumble through life... making the same mistakes that everyone else does. i met a great gal when i was young. if i had married i'd now be with a mid 40's aging woman, several kids, strapped, no time. maybe i'd have been changing diapers instead of dating those young girls. but here i am, in my early-40's and i can do anything i want. most men, at my age, cannot say that.

bottom line: if you're under 37 or don't have sizable bank burning a hole in your pocket... DO NOT even consider MARRIAGE. i am so passionate about this because i have seen young guys, friends, get trapped. beyond 24 YO, women become progressively more problematic. one guy i know married a sharp professional. she had a few kids, had a nervous breakdown, and never worked again. marriage is a tremendous risk nowadays because most women did not have a strong father and have no skills. they are basically walking divorce time bombs.